The New World

Session 66

Session 66“Bring me wine !”Friday 8th June 2012 – by Frithhill and ShaunFreney

Elapsed time – 715 days real time, 563 days game time (21st February 1604 ?)

Location – some ashore in Mao Kei (Melchior, Guy, Pierre) , enjoying the care and hospitality of the Pertuese governor, some having returned to le Dauphin (Thomas, Vittorio), in the harbour of Mao Kei.

Objectives – waiting on an indisposed pay-master, who is also benefitting from the tender mercies of the Pertuese colonial establishment. Waiting to see if the cage door will be locked. Trusting to the benevolence of those who have already seized the ship in an act of piracy (or war), thrown several of us into a foetid hole, and made a claim on booty derived from the actions of the ship, contending (apparently) a share in any prize taken; as though it was their vessel that was used.

Oh, and then there is the evidence of their repentance for previous peccadilloes, in the form of giving one of the Wokou prisoners a couple of swords, and posting another inadequate guard force in the face of the attempted break-out which followed immediately thereafter. If they should try to leverage a claim of loss (because of the deceased prisoners, who could have been sold into slavery, had they not died) into a suit for additional concessions, possibly a coup de regime.



From the incoherent ramblings of Pierre, currently bleeding and unconscious:

“Zo, we fight great duel to capture Shinzo Kamakura after we go to trouble of doing it once already. Vittorio lose arm, I lose all feeling in stomach and lot of blood. Vittorio worse off, am sure, but maybe not by much.

“Oh, then Thomas turn up. Is about time. He heard gunfire and decide to lead eighty Montaigne soldiers to rescue. Reader will note Pierre not using exclamation marks for effect like usual, with good reason. Thomas not speak Montaise. Pierre say again: Thomas not speak Montaise. Soldiers have no idea what he say, and it night-time. Gestures are no good, even if men close enough to see. So now we have four-score confused men with guns in foreign place and important people wandering around or bleeding out. You see problem, no?

“We discuss problem, or everyone but Pierre does, because Pierre still trying not to cough up chopped liver. Some of us in ship having returned, some still here. Qi still down and out. Do we have solution? Beats me.”



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