The New World

Session 68

Session 68Thursday 19th July 2012“Show me the money !” – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 756 days real time, days game time (1st March 1604 ?)

With his arm cut off by a Nihonji pirate, Vittorio sought solace in his cups. During that fateful voyage from Mao Kei to the Cathay mainland naught his friends could do would relieve his melancholia and he refused to see any, save a matronly Cathayan serving girl (herself rescued by Vitorio from the clutches of the same pirates) who brought him nourishment in this time of trial. Why many a time the howling and the banging echoing from his cabin drove the sailors above deck to peruse peace and sanity. It was during such an interlude that I caught my first site of Cathay. The island of Mao Kei was as nothing compared to this wondrous land, as everything we had found strange there, had it’s home here. Dho patiently answered many of the questions that I asked him about such wonders [ many pages of descriptions of Cathayan buildings, roof ornaments, street vendors etc. cut for space and time] “

The Truthfule and Factual Accounte of the Epically Heroic Voyages of Vittorio Tornatore
(as scribed by Melchoir Augustus Browne)

“ Many scholars of the esoteric and occult propose a substitution code hidden in the rather long winded and poorly spelt account of the ‘Voyages of Vittorio Tornatore’ relying on much alchemic law, astrology, tarot symbology, Latin and ancient Greek. The so called Melchioric or Browne code. For example the long passages describing roofing tiles, dragon shaped water spouts, silken clothing and peasant straw hats that takes up 5 pages of the book when the expedition first reaches the Cathay mainland is most often translated as this:
Brothers and fellow initiates with eyes to see, when first coming to Cathay I did hear the clarion music of the spheres with a clarity that made me weep. The harmony of the voices reflected by such a sound filled my very senses as the quintessence of the land flowed through my veins, and my arts did increase twice fold. Upon research, in such halls of knowledge held by the Cathay, the like of which our Old World has not known since the ancient temple crumbled I did find it’s cause. As the crystal spheres demonstrate the harmony and unchangeable order of the cosmos, so to is the Cathayan world ordered, and if one where to pierce the circles of it of it’s people, warriors and bureaucrats , there at it’s centre in the Forbidden city sits the emperor. And upon his head, brought as treasure from the new world, sits a fragment of the crystal skull, singing the harmony of the cosmos.

Crystal Spheres, Crystal Skull
Beigant, Leigh and Lincon, 1982


Riffing on Holy Blood, Holy Grail there, judging by the authors.

Session 68

I would have worded it as shamelessly ripping off. Speaking of which, I also toyed with the idea of “The Browne Code” by Dan DaVinci.

Session 68

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