The New World

Session 71

Session 71“No, really, show me the money !”Tuesday 14th August 2012 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 782 days real time, 576 days game-time (5th March 1604 ?)

Synopsis- The group makes good their escape with the captive. Thomas exercises his mercantile spirit by negotiating a deal with the forces of the Tong. Temporary rest and recuperation for all.


I have thought of a buyer for Thomas’ opium supply, Westmorough. I imagine he would have the means to easily smuggled it in as firewood to an enemy’s camp. Cheaper than mercenaries.

Session 71

Or just sell it to the kings men and use the profits to fund your war effort. Double effective.

Session 71

I was thinking of playing it straight. As per the Devil Doctors plan, it could be laid off to to apothecarial suppliers in Londinium and Sainte-Genevieve. I may even have a means of doing this in the latter instance, and could have it distributed throughout Western and Central Europa without a great deal of personal involvement. The money is isn’t so much of an issue, if the approach employed is a resignation to the principle that we were in effect buying are way out of a problem, by taking the first consignment with quibble, and lack any intention to honour an ongoing agreement. Mere cost recovery is a good outcome under the circumstances. The thing is, it will be necessary to club together. I’m hoping that $500GURPS apiece will be sufficient, because that’s all most of us have, give or take a little. Guy has more (as much again), but it’s someone else’s money, and Vittorio has much more, but the idea of equal shares seems reasonable.

Session 71

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