Alejandro Jurez

A man with a foot in both the Old and New world.


ST 13 DX 13 IQ 11 HT 14

HP 17 Will 13 Per 13 FP 14


Hard to Kill 4, High Pain Threshold, Outdoorsman, Extended Life Span (x4), Regeneration (1HP per hour)


Bloodlust, Enemy (family), Secret (Immortal Coquistador), Wealth (dead broke).


Albion, Capodocin, Ixtland. -broken
2 Gualapari languages


Acrobat, Animal Handling, Area Knowledge, Artillery, Axe/ Mace (techniques- Disarming, Feint_), Boating, Bow, Brawling, Camouflage, Climbing, Fishing, Guns, Hiking, Knife, Naturalist, Navigation, Poison, Riding, Running, Sabre (techniques-Feint_), Shield, Sports, Stealth, Survival, Swimming, Thrown Weapon, Tracking, Wrestling, (techniques-_Arm lock, Choke Hold, Disarming, Feint), Observation, Jumping

Currently Alejandro is a bit of a mystery.

Although looking and dressing like a Gualapari hunter, Alejandro has a weeks growth of facial hair that is uncharacteristic of the people of the Emerald Basin. He also has the ability to speak multiple Europan languages, and seems comfortable with some of the equipment of the old world.

So far he has shown himself to be a feirce fighter with a willful spirit. If he survives it will be interesting to see how he knits with the group and what his history is.

His Gualapari name is Karaiba (spirit of a dead person-white man).

Currently Alejandro has split from the main party and is a part of a diplomatic mission (along with Miss Nightshade) to the Ixtlan empire, on behalf of the governor of Hata.

Alejandro Jurez

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