Angus the Axe

A ferocious former pirate turned bounty hunter.


ST: 18
DX: 13
IQ: 10
HT: 14
Will: 12
Perception: 13
FP: 14
HP: 18

Favoured Weapons: Boarding Axe, Throwing Axes.

Regeneration (1 per min), Regrowth, Damage Resistance 7, High pain threshold, Extended Lifespan 2, Enhanced Tracking, Teeth: Sharp, Acute Sense of Taste and Smell, Iberian (Spoken Accented), Albion (Spoken fluent).
Unnatural Features (excessive body hair), Unnatural features (enlarged canines), Odious Personal Habit (Eats Meat Raw & Fresh), Careful, Proud, Code of Honour (Pirate’s), Sense of Duty (Friends), Social Stigma (Known Criminal), Social Stigma (Uneducated), Nightmares, Amnesia (Partial), Bestial, Frightens Animals, Bloodlust, Enemy (Inquisition), Uncontrollable Appetite (fresh meat).


Angus McWardin was formerly a pirate until his capture and execution by the Royal Navy. There is a hole in his memory from the time of his hanging until he awoke from a shallow grave in the Dragon Marches. More wolf in man’s clothing, Angus left a trail of slain livestock across the countryside before reaching Glaswae and boarding a disreputable vessel to the New World.

Slain in battle after standing in the way of a canon.

Angus the Axe

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