Cardinal Massimo Del Ricci

Ecclesiarch Missionary and Advisor to the Wai Lin Emperor


A Cadoccian priest, Massimo first journeyed to the Orient over twenty years ago. Having traveled extensively throughout Cathay, he was one of the first Western scholars to master the language and writing of the Empire, even going so far to compile a Pertuesan- Cathayan dictionary – the first of its kind.

A man of science – especially astronomy – as well as faith, Massimo’s prodigious intellect soon drew the attention of the Emperor, and he was invited to the Purple Forbidden City in 1600 – the first Westerner ever to be accorded such an honour. He has dwelt there ever since, serving as both Major Superior of the Ecclesiarch Mission in Cathay, and as an advisor on the Emperor’s Council.

Cardinal Massimo Del Ricci

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