Colonel Guillaume de Montforte

Soft featured and friendly, though the scars he bears point to a life of violence.


Formerly a mercenary commander and sometime pirate, Guillaume found himself in a unique position when he took an Araby slaver for a prize some ten years back. Amongst the captives on the ship was General Sir Jean Barre, who had been captured when the ship transporting him to his posting in Hata has been attacked.

Guillaume, a man who always has his eye on the prize, knew a good opportunity when one presented itself, and escorted the newly-minted Governor the rest of the way. For his efforts, he was eventually made Hata’s chief military regent, a position he has used to line his coffers ever since.

A close relationship with The Red Brotherhood means that Hata is subject to only the bare minimum of piratical predation. This understanding is fostered by the fact that Jan van Meter, chief of Tortage’s mercenary forces, is an old comrade of Guillaume’s.

Colonel Guillaume de Montforte

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