Doctor Vincent Walker

Skilled physician and mystic healer in a frail and elderly form, also dead


Born some 3 score years ago in a small village located in the Albion countryside Vincent was apprenticed to the doctor of his village at a very young age. Taking quickly to his trade he soon mastered all his mentor could teach him. Young Doctor Walker dedicated himself not just to study of the medical arts but to the general pursuit of knowledge. Seeking further teaching he traveled around Albion and venturing further to Montaigne and other locations around Europa.

As years passed he sought to improve his skills seeking to learn the mystic arts. He became a member of the Royal Society studying a number of areas. His interest in magic lead him to The Invisible College, a secret organisation of scolars knowledgable in many areas of magic. His experience in physiology and medicine meant that he took quickly to the healing and body control colleges of magic. He practiced these skills in secret helping only those most in need for fear of being exposed by the Ecclesiarch Church.

In his later years he settled as a village doctor in Albion, still seeking to further his skills where he could. During the unrest of King Hamish I’s ascension he witnessed much bloodshed and became frustrated with the limits of his skills, seeing many of his patients die. This spurred Doctor Walker to study the darker magical arts in secret, seeking to defeat death through magic.

Doctor Walker left his home amid the chaos and confusion of a mysterious plague of undead laying siege to his village. It was then that he met the enigmatic Marcus Mordecai and was recuited into the schemes of Sir Frederick Westmorough.

Possessor of The Ebon Blade.

The doctor and his fellow adventurers emabarked on a long journey to return the fabled mask piece of the crystal skull to its proper place in the Jaguar temple. The doctor, lured by it siren song, sucumbed to temptation and despite the objections of his comrades seized the mask and immedately placed it on his face. After a few brief second touching the divine and instilling the fear of a mad god in the rest of the company he was dismembered and beheaded by Alejandro Jurez. Left to rot in dank cave. Probably eaten by mystical jaguars

Doctor Vincent Walker

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