Enoch St. Clair



Enoch St. Clair is an Occultist and Intelligencer working under the auspices of King Hamish. He deals with the paganistic aspects of the world that Hamish dares not accept in public or even in polite company.

Upon hearing of Red Jack Stavros’ activities in the New World, Hamish sent Enoch St. Clair to Tortage to use his unique knowledge to gather information on the extent of Stavros’ influence and to confirm rumours that he had obtained an object of immense power. Hamish’s orders were to ascertain the object’s existence and upon confirmation, obtain the object for the Ecclesiarch cause.

St. Clair arrived in Tortage and not only heard wind of the activities of Stavros along the Emerald River, but witnessed first hand his invasion and destruction of Tortage itself.

Fleeing to safer ground, St. Clair found himself in Dareton, the only substantial Albion outpost in the New World.

Once there, St. Clair had time to reflect on the events he had witnessed, and determined that any object that can inspire such raw destructive power, should not under any circumstances, be allowed to fall into the hands of anyone. Ever.

From then on, he vowed to seek out Stavros and the source of his power. To destroy them both.

Enoch St. Clair

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