Harlan Octavius

The Captain of the Mary Angelus


The Mary Angelus has the Weirdness Magnet trait…


Harlan Octavius, acknowledged bastard of a wealthy Cadocian merchant, spent his early life growing up in his father’s Londinium residence. He was afforded fine education and did not live in want save for the attention of his long absent father. His tutors taught him numbers, letters and manners. When he was old enough he served aboard one of his father’s ships first as a crewman, and finally reached the lofty heights of Captain on his 26th birthday.

Disaster struck when his father’s company was seized in a religiously motivated attack on Johanites by the Ecclesiarchy. The company, and its assets were taken, and Harlan lost his ship. His father was exiled from Albion and he was forced to flee aboard a ship for the New World.

Along the way, his ship encountered a deserted vessel, The Mary Angelus, lying dead in the water. No trace of the crew was found although one of the row boats was missing. Aboard they found cargo and log books untouched. Harlan was given temporary command of the vessel and with a skeleton crew, they delivered the vessel to Haita. Once there, the owners were contacted. After an investigation they took back their ship and Harlan was relieved of his command.

Harlan worked as first mate for the Georgian for the next 5 years, plying the routes along the East Coast. Upon returning to Haita one balmy June, the Georgian encountered the Mary Angelus, it’s decks silent and completely crewless, just north of the island. The situation was eerily familiar to First Mate Octavius. However the Captain of the Georgian ordered Octavius and a crew of five to pilot the ship back to Haita.

Upon their return, and after another investigation, the owners of the Mary put the ghost ship up for sale. Sailors being a superstious lot, would not go near it, but for Harlan Octavius, he saw it as an opportunity once again to have his own ship.

He sailed north to Dareton with a crew composed mostly of freed slaves and Irishmen. The journey was not without incident. A man was killed when he inexplicably fell from the crow’s nest. Another died in the hold, crushed by unsecured cargo in rough seas.

The crew fled the ship upon arrival at Dareton

Harlan Octavius

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