Henry D'Avenne


Henry d’Avenne, Earl Avenne, Count of Tame, son of Richard d’Avenne, Duke of Oatshire

Statistics (Subtotal 100 points, Running Total 100 points)

ST 10 ( 0 points)

DX 10 ( 0 points)

IT 15 (100 points)

HT 10 ( 0 points)
Advantages (Subtotal 212 points, running total 312 points)

Status: 5 (25 points)

Wealth: Filthy Rich (50 points)

Appearance: Attractive (5 points)

Charisma + 2 (10 points)

Voice (10 points)

Literacy (10 points)

Magery 2 (25 points)

Ally group: Men of business (15 members of which 4 meet the test for adventure value allies), constituted of:

1. Factor in Port-au-Hopital (analogue of Port-au-Prince Hata
2. Agent in Port-au-Hopital (analogue of Port-au-Prince) Hata
3. Factor in Massile (analogue of Marseilles) southern Montaigne
4. Agent in Massile (analogue of Marseilles) southern Montaigne
5.(analogue of Dieppe) northern Montaigne (factor)
6. le Cinquieme (analogue of Calais and le Havre) western Montaigne (factor)
7. Archene (analogue of Rheims) eastern Montaigne (factor)
8. Banker in (analogue of Leipzig) Gerheim
9. Factor in(analogue of Lyon) southern central Montaigne
10. Factor in Sainte-Genevieve (analogue of Paris) northern central Montaigne
11. Factor in Mooshaavn (analogue of Rotterdam) Zuiderland
12. Factor in (analogue of Bruges) Montaignaise Flemingry
13. Factor in (analogue of Scarborough) Albion
14. Agent in Londinium (analogue of London) Albion *
*15. Agent in Queenstown (analogue of Kingston), Torrida

Ally Group: Household staff (20 members of which 12 meet the test for adventure-value allies), constituted of:
1. Steward (and family, 50 points)
2. Chamberlain (and family, 50 points)
3. Butler (and family, 50 points)
4. Chaplain (and family, 76 points)
5. Porter/ Doorwarden (150 points)
6. Cook (50 points)
7. Scullion (25 points)
8. Keeper (100 points)
9. Mason (and family, his son is his apprentice, 100 points)
10. Jeweller (and family 76 points)
11. Pearl-diver (76 points)
12. Pearl-diver (76 points)
13. Pearl-diver (76 points)
14. Pearl-diver (76 points)
15. Pearl-diver (76 points)
16. Labourer/Farmer (and family, 76 points)
17. Labourer/Farmer (and family, 76 points)
18. Labourer/Farmer (and family, 76 points)
19. Labourer/Farmer (and family, 76 points)
20. Labourer/Farmer (and family, 76 points)

Ally Group: Crew (34 members of which all meet the test for adventure value allies) constituted of:
1. Sailing master/Master navigator (and family, 150 points)
2. First officer/Navigator (and family, 100 points)
3. First mate/ Master Gunner (100 points)
4. Second mate/Bosun (76 points)
5. Third mate/Cox’s’n (76 points)
6. Armourer (100 points)
7. Master carpenter (and family, 76 points)
8. Carpenters mate (51 points)
9. Sailmaker (76 points)
10. Sailmakers mate (51 points)
11. Rating (former apprentice cooper)(and family, 76 points)
12. Rating (and family, 76 points)
13. Rating (and family, 76 points)
14. Rating (and family, 76 points)
15. Rating (and family, 76 points)
16. Rating (76 points)
17. Rating (76 points)
18. Rating (76 points)
19. Rating (76 points)
20. Rating (76 points)
21. Rating (76 points)
22. Rating (76 points)
23. Rating (76 points)
24. Rating (76 points)
25. Rating (76 points)
26. Rating (76 points)
27. Rating (76 points)
28. Rating (76 points)
29. Rating (76 points)
30. Rating (76 points)
31. Rating (76 points)
32. Rating (76 points)
33. Rating (76 points)
34. Rating (76 points)

(Group of 50, appearing almost all the time 15+ based on less than 50 %, Employer 60 points)

Cultural Familiarities:

Cultural Familiarity, Albion (0 points)
Cultural Familiarity, Montaigne (1 point)
Cultural Familiarity, Expatriate society in the New World (1 point)


Albion: Native (spoken and written) (0 points)

Montaignaise: Fluent (spoken and written) (6 points)

Latium: Accented (spoken), Fluent (written) (5 points)

Iberian: Accented (spoken), Accented (written) (4 points)

Disadvantages (Subtotal 75 points, Running total 237 points)

Haemophilia (30 points)

Reputation -2, within the royalty, aristocracy and nobility (and their households) of Albion and Montaigne, unmarriageable at his own rank, by reason of a flaw in the bloodline (5 points)

Enemy: The crown of Albion, 6 or less (20 points)

Dependents: Household staff and crew (almost all the time 15 +, based on 50 % 15 points)

Pious (quirk) (1 point)

Possesses a pastoral ideal (quirk) (1 point)

Scholarly (quirk) (1 point)

Has great enthusiasm for natural philosophy (quirk) (1 point)

Paternalistic (quirk) (1 point)

Skills (Subtotal 50 points (74 points), running total 287 points (311 points))

A privileged upbringing (9 points)

Savoire Faire, Court – 18 (0 points)
(Savoire Faire, Tamebridge – 18 (2 points))
Savoire Faire, Expatriate society in the New World – 17 (1 point)

Current Events, Albion, Court – 16 (2 points)
Current Events, Albion, General – 16 (2 points)
Current Events, Montaigne – 15 (1 point)
Current Events, Pearlstring Islands – 15 (1 point)

(Area Knowledge, Albion – 16 (2 points))
(Area Knowledge, County of Oatshire – 16 (2 points))
(Area Knowledge, Borough of Tame – 16 (2 points))
Area Knowledge, Pearlstring Islands – 15 (1 point)

Who’s who (Practical heraldry)- 14 (1 point)

A Classical Education (6 points)

(Literature – 15 (4 points))
Geography -14 (1 point)
(Logic – 14 (1 point))
(Rhetoric – 14 (1 point))
Oratory – 16 (1 point)
(Philosophy – 15 (4 points))
(Mathematics – 15 (4 points))
Theology – 15 (4 points)

Noblesse Oblige (9 points)

Riding – 9 (1 point)
Dancing – 10 (1 point)
Singing 11 (1 point)
Carousing – 9 (1 point)
Sex Appeal – 12 (1 point)
Tennis – 11 (4 points))
Running – 8 (1 point)
Jumping – 10 (1 point)
Swimming – 9 (1 point)
Climbing – 10 (1 point)

Necessities of position and station (11 points)

Detect Lies – 15 (4 points)
Diplomacy – 16 (2 points)
Administration – 14 (1 point)
Merchant – 14 (1 point)
(Accounting – 14 (1 point))
Law – 13 (1 point)
Leadership – 15 (1 point)
Cryptography – 13 (1 point)

Personal Interests (13 points)

Writing – 16 (4 points)
Naturalism – 15 (4 points)
Observation – 13 (1 point)
Search – 13 (1 point)
Artist – 14 (2 points)
Craft – Woodcut Engraving – 9 (1 point)
Jeweller – XX (0 points)


Henry d’Avenne, Earl Avenne, Count of Tame is the son of Richard d’Avenne, Duke of Oatshire, and a scion of an august line, carrying the royal blood of the Broome dynasty, which ruled Albion for three centuries on the paternal side and (unfortunately) the last royal dynasty of Montaigne on the maternal side (through a daughter of a prince who predeceased his royal father, and was superseded as heir apparent by a nephew, son of a younger brother). It is from here that the defect of the bleeding sickness comes.

Henry, a younger son was never intended to succeed to the ducal title. He is a tall, well-formed and clean-limbed man in his prime, but has since his infancy been closeted. Unfit by virtue of the flaw for war and sport, his father was content for him to pursue a clerkish vocation. In childhood, while his brother learned horsemanship, swordsmanship and the other acquirements of the nobility, Henry was at liberty to wander in the fields and peer into ponds. Since every family can use a bishop among it’s ranks, his youth was spent at the university at Tamebridge, where he received an education in the classics.

Circumstances then conspired to set him on a new course. The long period of relative peace and stability which the reign of Queen Elspeth afforded Albion drew towards it’s close. Lacking an heir of her own body, uncertain days lay ahead. In the best traditions of families which have navigated the changeable fortunes of the island for over 400 years, all the eggs are not kept in the same basket. A likeable nonentity, unlikely to make a match with anyone with a rank greater than the daughter of an ordinary knight or perhaps a baron and who hadn’t been much at court, he was barely in society. The revolution in sect cast a career in the church into doubt, since all Henries teachers were now suspect or condemned. He was therefore sent to join the multitude of younger sons in the New World, far enough from the actions of the machinery of state. As a chancellor under the Queen Elspeth the Duke of Oatshire is on precarious ground, confined. The previous Earl d’Avenne, Henries’ older brother died following rough treatment, while being taken into custody.

Duke of Oatshire Island is a mere pimple on the face of the Arawak Sea. One of the many small islands, no-one had pressed or made good on a claim. More profitable territories called upon the attention and resources of the Europan powers. The Pearlstring Islands are not idly named, however. In the lagoon there are oyster beds, and though the cisterns drawing on and storing water from the two seasonal streams don’t permit water intensive cultivation of crops like sugar, cotton and tobacco. The emigre aristocrat and his staff of retainers (and indentured servants) have enough water for the garden plots, dine on oysters from the lagoon, and brandy bought in Hata, when the ketch Baillieu regularly carries it’s cargo of pearls to market. There are also lignum vitae trees (Iron Wood) on the island some of which have been transplanted into avenues and which are being nurtured for future harvest.

There are now a dock in the cove, a house, a walled garden and cisterns. Plans to clear the clefts between the hills for additional agricultural land, and paths up to the peaks are now contemplated. Henry has rediscovered a childhood fondness for wandering in the estate, finding new things to gaze upon. His scholastic curiosity is engaged here, and in addition to his letters, sent from Hata to a factor in Montaigne (and thence to his fathers place of imprisonment), he is keeping an illustrated journal, with sketches of the animals and plants he finds.

The New World has plenty of adventurers, posterity will only regard their exertions collectively in the subjugation of territory to faraway sovereigns, and the migration of wealth from the New World to the Old. Individually, it will be the diarists, natural historians, explorers and ethnographers whose namess will be remembered.

Principle Assets:

The Borough of Tame (as yet un-escheated)

The Earldom of Avenne (as yet unescheated)

Duke of Oatshire Island, with a house and fields, and household chattels.

An income of 48,000 guineas per year

The razee, Baillieu

A suit of very fine armour of proof light plate.


Fifteen men of business:-

A factor in Port-au-Hopital (analogue of Port-au-Prince) Hata

An agent in Port-au-Hopital (analogue of Port-au-Prince Hata. A key man. A capo de regime.

A factor in Massile (analogue of Marseilles) southern Montaigne

An agent in Massile (analogue of Marseilles) southern Montaigne, a key man

A factor in (analogue of Dieppe) in the north of Montaigne

A factor in le Cinquieme (analogue of Calais/le Havre) western Montaigne

A factor in Archene (analogue of Rheims) eastern Montaigne

A factor in (analogue of Lyon) in the central (southern) Montaigne

A banker in (analogue of Leipzig) Gerheim

A factor in Sainte-Genevieve (analogue of Paris) central (northern) Montaigne

A factor in Mooshaavn (analogue of Rotterdam) Zuiderland

A factor in (analogue of Bruges), Montaignaise Flemingry

A factor in (analogue of Scarbororough), Northshire, Albion

An agent in Queenstown, Torrida, though he is just a listening post, in effect. His contact with Port-au Hopital is very indirect. Things cross and re-cross Oceanus before coming to him, veted and distributed back through one of several possible paths, through Massile.

An agent in Londinium, Albion. This one is even more covert than the rest, though all are only in contact with the man before them and after them in the chain, and are aware of the imperatives of caution, and of discretion. They are all chosen for their ability not to attract attention, and use trustworthy confidential messengers. Commercial ciphers are in use. The keys are individual to the message, with the key to the next enciphered communication in the previous message. The uninformed impression fostered is that the need for privacy is commercial in nature.

All financial transactions are done by letters of credit. Ultimately the money is kept in Gerheim, accomplished by a sidechannel through (analogue of Lyon) and Archene to (analogue of Leipzig) and back through (analogue of Bruges) and Mooshaavn to either (analogue of Scarborough) or Port-au-Hopital.

Eighteen household staff, consisting of:-

A steward ♡ (relevant skills Administration, Accounting, Leadership, Domestic Service) (50)

A chamberlain ♡ (relevant skills Administration, Leadership, Domestic Service) (50)

A butler ♡ (relevant skills Administration, Accounting, Cellarman, Domestic Service) (50)

A chaplain ♡ (relevant skills Theology, Leadership, Teaching, Singing) (76)

A porter / doorwarden ‡ (relevant skills Observation, Masters of Defense, Musket, Blunderbuss, Pistol) (150)

A cook (relevant skills Cooking) (50)

A scullion (relevant skills) (25)

A keeper ‡ (relevant skills Observation, Search, Stealth, Tracking, Traps, Musket, unarmed) (100)

A master mason ♡ (relevant skills Stonemason) (100)

A jeweller ♡ (relevant skills Jeweller, Merchant) (100)

10 indentured servants † (5/10 ♡), some of whom were mudlarks and dive for oysters in the lagoon, the others were labourers and farmers and tend the grounds. (relevant skills Swimming Farming) (76)

And a ships crew of thirty four consisting of:-

A sailing master (sailing master / master navigator) ‡ ♡ (relevant skills Leadership Navigation, Ship-handling, Freight-handling, Tactics, Artillery, Gunnery, Brawling, Sword, Fencing plus maneouvres, Pistol) (150, Stateroom 1)

A first officer (navigator) ‡ ♡ (relevant skills Leadership, Navigation, Ship-handling, Tactics, Artillery, Brawling, Sword, Fencing, plus maneouvres Pistol) (100, Staterooom 2)

A first mate (master gunner) ‡ (relevant skills Artillery, Gunnery, Leadership, Boating, Ship-handling, Seamanship, Brawling, Sword, Polearm, Musket, Blunderbuss, Pistol) (100, Dormitory 1)

A second mate (bosun) † (relevant skills Seamanship, Leadership, Boating, Brawling, Cutlass, Musket, Pistol) (76, Dormitory 1)

A third mate (coxswain) † (relevant skills Boating, Seamanship, Leadership, Brawling, Cutlass, Pistol) (76, Dormitory 1)

An armourer (formerly a smithing apprentice) † (relevant skills Armoury, Gunnery, Blacksmith, Seamanship, Brawling, Cutlass, Pistol) (100, Dormitory 1)

A master carpenter (formerly a journeyman shipwright) † ♡ (relevant skills Carpentry, Shipwright, Seamanship, Metal-working, Brawling, Cutlass, Pistol) (76, Dormitory 2)

A carpenters mate (formerly a apprentice boat-wright) † (relevant skills Carpentry, Shipwright, Seamanship, Metal-working, Brawling, Cutlass, Pistol) (51, Dormitory 2)

A sailmaker † (relevant skills Sailmaking, Seamanship, Brawling, Cutlass, Pistol) (76, Dormitory 2)

A sailmakers mate † (relevant skills Sailmaking, Seamanship, Brawling, Cutlass, Pistol) (51, Dormitory 2)

24 ratings ‡ (6/24 ♡), most of a merchantmen background, but among them is a man who has been an apprentice cooper. All of them are rated as gunners as well as top-men. (relevant skills, Seamanship, Boating, Gunnery, Brawling, Cutlass, Musket, Pistol) (76, Dormitories 3,4,5,6,7,8)

† able to fight, with a low to middling ranking in brawling, and a low to middling ranking with one or two hand weapons

†† able to fight well, with a middling to high ranking in unarmed combat, with some additional maneouvres, and a middling to high ranking in two or three hand weapons, including a specialized or missile weapon.

♡ Family of the person in question is also resident on Duke of Oatshire Island

As at the start of Session 18, he is in Port-au-Hopital, transacting business, which consists of

1) collecting supplies ✓

2) collecting the bride with whom one the ordinary sailors aboard the Baillieu has contracted a marriage (he is not on this trip, given a leave of absence to set things in readiness). ✓

3) the sale of a load of timber including seasoned lignum vitae and mahogany and other lesser wood, the result of previous clearing and which had been laid up to mature. ✕

4) carrying the current accumulation of pearls, to arrange sale. ✓

5) to send his latest letter to his father, via his agent in Massile. ✕

6) to collect the report of his agent in Queenstown, forwarded to his agent in Port-au-Hopital. ✓

7) to collect news from his agent in Port-au-Hopital ✓

8) to collect any other correspondence, collected from other factors and agents, which might have arrived. ✓

9) to take on rough masoned stones and bagged earth, as ballast. He is in the habit of unshipping the ballast, and using the load on Duke of Oatshire Island for building, and to improve the soil. ✓

10) to improve his security arrangements by recruiting some soldiery/guards, to augment his door-warden and keeper. It is intended that he pay them 48,000 doubloons (480 guineas) per year. A doctor would be a fine thing to have, too. Duke of Oatshire island has not had one ashore) ✕

The Baillieu is a three masted sailing ship, which resembles a fluyt, but is in fact a race-built galleon (razee), representing the state of the art in ship design at the time of it’s construction in 1597, some five years before, when the older types of craft (carracks, caravels and naus/nefs have begun resolving themselves into new designs (such as fluyts, galleons and galleons razee). The rig is like that of a caravela redonda/caravel redonde, with a mizzen mast carrying a lateen sail, and top-gaffe. The main mast carries a square sail and a square main top. the foremast could carry a square sail and square foretop sail or a large lateen sail. Currently an oversized lateen, raked at a less acute angle is hung there, below a square foretop. Finally there is a square sprit sail, The beams width is a little over 18 feet, the stem to stern length is 96 feet, 72 feet at the water line, the draught is fairly shallow, given the reduced number of decks, in all about 15 feet, loaded. The tonnage is about five hundred. The unusual rig and armament are calculated to allow operation with a smaller crew, much like a fluyt or caravel.
The gun deck has been fitted out as quarters, together with a wardroom, galley and mess, the lower deck, rather than left empty has been subdivided into a strongroom, small hold or extra armoury, infirmary/sick bay, an armoury and a magazine. The fore-castle and stern-castle are false in the sense that they exist to house the guns.

Cannon: 4 Cannon or demi-cannon (forty eight or thirty two pounders) placed in pairs fore and aft as bow and stern chasers, similar to the armament of Barbary Corsair galleys.
8 Dragonards (oversized swivel guns, equivalent to one and a half-pounder carriage guns).

A single deck worth of 24 false gun ports, 11 on the port, 11 on the starboard, 2 on the stern (which are shutters for the windows letting light into wardroom).

Concealed ports for bow and stern chasers. The stern ports are camouflaged, the bow ports look like (and are) doors. It is necessary to furl the sprit sail prior to firing the forward guns.

Armoury: Three dozen pistols, two dozen muskets, 32 cutlasses, a half-pike, a blunderbuss, a coach gun

Henry D'Avenne

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