King Hamish I

A pale man, his high forehead framed by dark ringlets, with a prominent moustache and goatee.


The King of Albion and Hiberia, he is a staunch Ecclesiarch and an enemy of heresy and dark magicks. After a brief period of civil unrest, he took the throne 1n 1598, after Queen Elspeth died childless.

He is a heavy-handed ruler, especially when it comes to religion and the sciences. He repays the Ecclesiarchy’s support of his claim to the throne by stamping out opposing religious thought wherever it is found in his kingdom. He has also disbanded the Royal Society, due to their dabblings in alchemy and other less than savoury practices, and only supports The Queen’s Academy of Science out of deference to his departed predecessor.

He is currently prosecuting a bloody war against Tir Nan Og in order to bring the pagan island under the dominion of both himself and the Church.

King Hamish I

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