Marcello Polito

13th Century Adventurer and Trader


Cadoccian trader whose quarter-century sojourn in the Far East led to the West’s first concrete knowledge of the far kingdom of Cathay.

His memoirs have given the adventurers a clue as to the whereabout of the third piece of the Crystal Skull, the relevant portion being as follows:

From the Journal of Marcello Polito

And that day the Two Brothers and Mark did sit in the court of Khu Khan, attended by all the Gentlemen of the City and the Courtiers of the Imperial Palace, and the Khan did question them about the rising and falling of the Great Kingdoms of Europa.
So Nicoli, being Most Learned in such things, did speak at length on the matters, and did describe to the Khan the fall of the Empire of Reme, and the movements of the various Barbarian Tribes thereafter, and the formation of the nations and kingdoms of Europa.
And Khu Khan was most pleased, and most interested, in the Movements and Origins of these barbarian hordes, and did say that they put him in mind of the peoples of his grandfather, who were feared Horsemen and Raiders on the Western Steppe before they claimed the Land of Jade and Rice for their own, and put the bickering city states of Cathay under the benevolent rule of the Khanate.
On hearing this, Mark, did speak up, with courage, and ask whence Khu Khan’s grandfather did hail from, and why he did come East to Cathay.
And Khu Khan did say, with great solemnity, that his grandfather was the first Great Khan of the Gol peoples of the Steppe, and he did bind then together into one People to fend off the Enemy in the West.
So Malfus did ask, what then is this Enemy in the West, and the assembled Gentlemen and Lords did look ashamed, and did titter behind their Fans at Malfus.
And Khu Khan said, Do not laugh at our guest, for his Lands are far from here, and he will not Know of our travails, and he Will not know of the Enemy in the West.
And Khu Khan said, The Enemy is a Lord of Foulness, and he does have command over the dead and Unclean Things in this World, and his Host that does ride with him sit astride Mounts of Bone and Sinew, and he did ride from the cold lands in the West with a great and terrible Horde all arrayed behind him, and his Face was not the Face of a Man, but a horrible and glowing Skull, like a spirit out of Hell.
And Khu Khan’s grandfather, knowing the Enemy for an Abomination under Heaven and over Earth, did unite the Free Peoples of the Steppe, and those that did not Bend their Knee willingly, he did Conquer without Mercy, as he did Know of the Enemy in the West.
And turning his Attention to the fat Lands of the East, he did make them his own, and their Riches and Peoples came under his Dominion, and so all the Peoples and all the Strengths of the Lands of Rice and Jade were put to the Building of the Wall…

Marcello Polito

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