Miss Nightshade

Mysterious lady assassin with a talent for knives and poisons.


Orphaned at a young age and left in the care of a Londinium orphanage, she was taken in by agents of Sir Frederick Westmorough. These agents would gather young children who would not be missed and train them to be loyal agents of Queen Elspeth.

The young girl was a quick study in the art of spycraft and quickly earned the attention of her superiors. Being the most promising student she was then selected to be trained as an assassin. Being of slight frame she was trained primarily in throwing knives and poisons, at which she excelled. Her talents earned her the title of Miss Nightshade bestowed on her by Sir Frederick Westmorough himself.

Growing into a beautiful woman Miss Nightshade was well versed in the protocols of courtly life and was able to insinuate herself into high society effortlessly. During this time she broke many a young mans heart, with both her beauty and her blade, carrying out her duties as one of Queen Elspeth’s chief assassins.

After Queen Elspeth’s death and King Hamish’s ascension to the throne she fled underground before the purges began. She maintained a low profile during this time working in covert with other loyalists still following the orders of Sir Westmorough. In this capacity she was sent to contact the captain of the Crimson Dawn and meet with other agents on a mission of great importance.

Miss Nightshade

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