Hulking escaped slave, reborn as first mate upon the Crimson Dawn and wrathful killer.



N’batu was born the son of a tribal shaman Mari Battatu, a vocal opponent of the dominant Islamic leaders in North-Western Ifriqia in the harsh tropical jungles of Gambia.

As he aged, his physical stature placed him at the lead on the ranks of his tribe in the interminable tribal skirmishes of Ifriqia. The tribe began expanding; alliances grew by negotiation and intermarriage, and force of arms where all else failed, N’batu’s skill in arms called upon.

It wasn’t long before the Kurufa Empire took note of this growing threat, a weed within the garden of Islam they cultivated. A contingent of Kurufian farari cavalrymen and dùùkùnàsi slave infantry crushed the fledgling tribe, overcoming all resistance with superior numbers.

Impressed by his ferocity in war, he was captured as ghanem at great risk and loss of life and taken to the slave pits of Banjul where he was sold to a Montaignan Hatan plantation owner. During his time on the plantation his hatred went untempered, but he learnt his enemy and their ways, culminating in his escape 2 years later.

He snapped the neck of the slave master with his shackles and released his fellows before wreaking his vengeance upon the plantation owner, his administrator and sons, before shackling his screaming wife and daughters to the bodies in mockery.

Pronounced deceased from poison unknown deep in the lands of the New World, this dark day, the Fifteenth of September, 1602.


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