Thomas More Rede


Generic Universal Roleplaying Statistics

Thomas Rede

Yeoman Archer, and insurrectionist – 390 + 41 points + 5 points (0 spare points)

Statistics (160 points, running total 160 points)

STRENGTH: 15 (+50 points) Fatigue: 17

DEXTERITY: 13 (+60 points)

INTELLIGENCE: 10 (+0 points) Will: 15, Perception: 15 (Visual, Auditory), 12 (Olfactory), 10 (Touch)

HEALTH: 15 (+50 points) Hit points 15

Basic Speed 7.0 Move 7(U)/6(L.)/4(M.)/3(H.)/2(X.) Dodge 10 (9) Parry 9 (11), Block 9

Advantages (142 points, Running total 302 points, not including 6 points for fluency (written and spoken) in Alban)

Strong Will + 5 (+25 points)

Acute Vision + 5 (+10 points)

Acute Hearing + 5 (+10 points)

Acute Sense of Taste + 2 (+4 points)

Animal Empathy (+5 points)

Animal Friend/2 (+10 points)

Increased Arm Strength (Right Arm) + 2 (+6 points)

Fit (5 points)

Attractive Appearance (4 points)

Heroic Archer (20 points)

Naval Training (1 point)

Status 3 (15 points) – Montaignaise rank of écuyer, with the nominal title of Chevalier.

Alternate Identity – Johan Johanson/Jean fils-Jean/John Johnson (5 points)

Alban – Native

Gerheimer – Accented (4 points)

Montaignaise – Accented (4 points)

Cathayan – pending improvement to Broken (spoken only) when convenient (0 points)

Combat Reflexes Fund – (14 points)

Disadvantages (41 + 5 points, Running total 256 (plus 41 plus 5 points)

Nightmares (-5 points)

Wealth (Struggling, -10 points)

Stubbornness (-5 points)

Intolerance: with the current regime in Albion, and Ecclesiarchal religion (-5 points)

Sense of grievance/disaffection (quirk, -1 point)

Religious conviction (Johanite) (quirk, -1 point)

Shy/laconic (quirk, -1 point)

Amateur Musician (quirk, -1 point).

Homesickness, now attaches a fetishistic significance to not dying abroad (quirk, -1 point)

Sense of Duty – to Vittorio Tornatore (quirk, -1 point)

Enemy: Cardinal Rou-Demere of Montaigne, a single powerful individual, backed by a small organization (under his control), with some supernatural powers at it’s disposal. 30 points base appearing with a frequency of 6 or less for a total of -15 points

Skills (134 points, Running total 390 plus 41 plus 5 points)

Farming – 11 (4 points)

Area Knowledge (Home parish/borough) – 10 (1 point)

Animal Handling (Equines) – 13 (4 points)

Animal Handling (Bovines) – 11 ( def. from Equines)

Animal Handling (Ovines) – 11 (def. from Equines)

Animal Handling (Canines) – 11 (1 point)

Teamster – 12 (4 points)

Riding – 13 (2 points)

Craft Skill (Sewing) – 10 (2 points)

Cooking – 10 (1 point)

Musical Instrument (Hurdy-Gurdy) – 13 (16 points)

Singing – 15 (1 points)

Bow – 18 (20 points)

Bowyer/Fletcher: Armoury specialization – 13 (1 point)

Armoury (general) – 8 (default from Bowyer/Fletcher)

Fast Draw (Arrow) – 13 (2 points)

Running – 14 (1 point)

Climbing – 13 (2 points)

Jumping – 12 (1 point)

Swimming – 12 (1 point)

Stealth – 12 (1 point)

Acting – 10 (2 points)

Camouflage – 11 (1 point)

Tracking – 9 (1 point)

Boating – 13 (2 points)

Seamanship – 10 (2 points)

Knot-tying – 10 (1 point)

Area Knowledge Emerald River Basin – 10 (1 point)

Area Knowledge (Arawak Sea) – 10 (1 point)

Area Knowledge (Sainte-Gènèvieve) – 10 (1 point)

Merchant – 9 (1 point)

Leadership – 9 (1 point) – pending improvement to 10 when convenient.

Explosive Demolitions (TL4) – 9 (1 point)

Survival, Tropical Forest – 9 (1 point)

London Masters Style (26 points total/level for Levels 1 and 2, 52 points/level for Level 3)

Style familiarity – 10 (2 points)

Brawling – 14 (2 points) – pending a further 2 points, in advance of another full level

Broadsword – 13 (2 points) – pending a further two points, in advance of another full level

Polearms – 14 (4 points)

Shield: Buckler – 14 (2 points)

Quarterstaff – 13 (2 points)

Two handed sword: Quarterstaff using sword technique – 13 (2 points) , pending a further two points

Wrestling – 13 (2 points) – pending a further two points, in advance of another full level

Armlock – 13 (2 points)

Armed Grapple: Quarterstaff – 13 (2 points)

Disarming: Broadsword – 14 ? (2 points)

Feint: Quarterstaff – 13 ? (2 points)

Feint: Broadsword – 13 ? (2 points)

Hook – 12 ? (2 points)

Sweep Kick – 12 ? (2 points) – pending a further two points, in advance of another full level

Hilt Punch – 14 ? (2 points) – pending a further two points, in advance of another full level

Backstrike: Quarterstaff – 12 ? (2 points)

Body Language – 14 (2 points)

Aggressive Parry: Quarterstaff – 12 (2 points)

Aggressive Parry: Broadsword – 12 (2 points) – pending a further two points in advance of another

Proto-riposte: Quarterstaff (from CounterAttack) – 9 ? (2 points)

Proto-Riposte: Broadsword – 11 ? (4 points)

Tactics – 9 (2 points) – supplemented with another two points at the addition (at a total cost of 54) of another full level.

Pending – Teaching as a substitution for Style Familiarity upon addition of a full level.

Pending – Reverse Strike (Broadsword) in place of Reverse Strike with a quarterstaff.

Equipment- A buff coat with a patch of leather horse armour stitched onto the back to replace a blood-stained section which was cut out, a quilted cloth coif (mended), a cuire-boullie codpiece, an armour of proof heavy plate visored salet, cuirasse, bevor, pauldrons, brassards and coutes, taces, cuisses and poleyns, greaves and sollerets. A buckler. Archery bracers: the one for the left arm splinted with strips of steel on the outside, the right one studded and padded on the knuckles. A box quiver, like those once used by crossbowmen, containing three leaf-headed arrows for a regular bow. A linen shirt, and pair of woollen cloth breeches. A spare suit of clothes, stained and mended consisting of a woolen shirt and a pair of linen hose. A scrip containing two bowstrings, a knife, a pouch of tobacco, and a flat rectangular wooden box of useful things (a white clay pipe, 15 goosefeather fletches, a stick of bees-wax wrapped in a square of parchment, a needle case, needles and thread).

Backsword (Basket-hilted thrusting broadsword) – 1d6 + 3 thrust impale, 2d+3 swing cut, Dagger (1d6 + 1 thrust impale), Fine quality T.L.3 Strength 17 longbow (1d6 + 4 thrust impale/ armour-piercing (DR/2) pierce).

A hurdy-gurdy in a strong, but somewhat battered case. A tooth from a dragon and a map tube containing a good chart of the Hippolyta River and it’s Emerald River tributary (also in the hurdy-gurdy case). A small drawstring pouch hanging on a thong around his neck. A mallet. A money sack containing 21 small wooden wedges. A horse sling. Two halters. Two Percheron draught horses trained as war-horses, called Gog and Magog. A half-grown Chien de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) puppy called Cerberus. A suit of court clothes, including shoes. A largish travelling purse. A commission (from the King of Montaigne). A gunpowder license. A life-size mannequin, resembling Pierre le Stroumphe. 75 gold coins ($1500GURPs) worth of gunpowder, left at a powder-mill near Sainte-Gènèvieve (pending payment and the return of a contract signed by the Governor of Hata).

Left behind at Villefort – A large dray, harness, four carthorses, 4 barrels each containing 200 litres of brandy (at a value of $2000GURPS total), 32 empty barrels, a longbow, 15 cloth-yard arrows with bodkin points, a basket hilted backsword (thrusting broadsword), archery bracers the left splinted with long thin strips of iron, the right with pads and studs on the knuckles, a buckler.

Borrowed : A fine thrusting bastard sword, a regular bow, saddlery and harness for two large horses, two pikes, now shortened to half pikes. Two broken off ends of pike-staves, usable as archery stakes. Leather horse barding for one horse , with a section cut out and replaced with a piece cut from a buffcoat.


A bull-necked man with cropped blond hair, red-rimmed blue eyes and cheeks which flush red when vexed or with exertion. He has a become leaner in the last year (well, fifty four and a a half weeks). Once a bucolic looking farm-boy his face has resolved from a slightly adipose pleasantness to a weather-tanned and hard-jawed block. Once having proportions reminiscent of a grain-fed ox, he is now merely a tall, strong man.

In scheme, the original conception derived from the history to which the campaign world is analogous. Taking place shortly after the accession of the Stuart Dynasty (in the person of King Hamish I) and during the lengthy history of religious strife in Albion (England) the historical figure of Guy Fawkes came to mind. Decisions in design were also informed by the interesting datum that attendance of archery practice was mandatory during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I(Queen Elspeth in the analog) and a memory of an interesting source article dealing with fencing, fencing schools and other contemporary martial styles, relating to the same period. The London Masters appealed to me in their rebellion against flamboyance and profligate quarrelsomeness. There will of course be swashbucklers aplenty, but inelegant thuggery has it’s place too.

The result was a yeoman archer, who prior to arriving at the vocation of a professional soldier spent many happily unthinking hours behind the plough. I decided that my character would come from a village two steeples over from Stonegate (York, Yorkshire), from whence Fawkes came. Thomas Rede might in fact be a potential analog of Fawkes, in this distortion of real events. He is a simple, quiet, self-reliant and has applied himself conscientiously to acquisition of a mastery of archery, an expensive (26 points for Level 1 and 2, 52 points for Level 3, 102 points for Level 4+) martial arts package; and the playing of the hurdy-gurdy (with which he has become somewhat better than awful, since carrying around for a time the piece of a skull constituted of a representation of the bones of the face, carved from rock-crystal).

He is also rather homesick, and now that the opportunity is being offered (as at August 23rd 2011/ 30th June 1603) to travel to the right side of the Ocean Sea, he is suspicious. Not unhopeful, but nevertheless suspicious.

The tactical doctrine behind the character is quite simple. A high strength allows for a large damage dealing capacity, and the use of heavy armour, with low penalties to movement. The high health (and fatigue score) allows prolonged toe-to-toe fights, depending on a capacity to absorb a lot of damage and defending little. Meanwhile, concentrating on disabling opponents as quickly as possible (using all-out attacks), he will spend a lot of time hurt, but not before lopping off some limbs. The damage dealt by a broadsword backed by 17 Strength in the right arm (derived from the asymmetry often seen in forensic examination of medieval remains of people known to have been archers) is considerable. In summary, the best defence is a strong offence.

Exploits to date include failing to bring a necromancer in alive. I should have pulled the blow by two points. Instead, there was a regrettable skull fracture incident. Happily, someone else had already found the MacGuffin.

Update (14th May 2011):-As at March 1603, some eight months after coming out of the rain in Dorston, he is badly homesick and has just turned from the environs of Gerivik (in the vicinity of Nova Scotia, Canada) towards Dareton (in the vicinity of Virginia, United States of America) leaving behind his handcart, spare bow, a quiver full of cloth-yard arrows, most of his clothes and old breastplate and helmet. He has just found himself in the position of hunting out a spell-caster alone, again. As before, this involved “jogging him too hard”. This time the sorceror was already deceased, but another crunch of skull bones followed a hilt-punch with the basket hilt of a backsword. and Thomas came up with the MacGuffin.

Burdens on his soul to date. 1 Tong hatchet-man in Kwang Chow (Session 71), numerous but uncounted Nihonjin wokou (pirates) on Isla Formosa (Session 66), the land-lord of a fleece-joint (Session 55), 1 Chasseur Gris, in Saint Pierre-Marc (Session 48), 1 Chasseur Gris before the gates of Chateau Villefort (Session 47), 4 Eagle Knights on the Emerald River, near Tatlopocl (Session 40), 1 Gualapari auxillary and 1 Jaguar Knight near one of the mouths of the Hippolyta River (Session 36), 3 Ixtlan Jaguar Knights near one of the mouths of the Hippolyta river (Session 35); 2 atavistic Holvar warriors near the Tree of Knowledge in Leifurland, a day and a half inland from Gerivik (Session 33); a gigantic sacred jaguar in a cavern below a provincial Ixtlan town by the swollen Emerald River (Session 24); an Ixtlan Eagle knight below a provincial Ixtlan town at the edge of the flood-lands (Session 23); 3 Ixtlan Jaguar Knights on the island of Tortage (Session 19); a tapir by the Emerald River, above the former settlement of San Miguel (Session 12); a Montaignaise (or possibly Iberian) bravo, in the market of the port of Tortage (Session 8); an Alban nobleman (also a necromancer and enemy of god) in his manor three miles from Kilminster, Albion; four undead monstrosities in the dungeon below Kilminster House (Session 4), a Montaignaise footpad on the road between Chateau de Villefort and Port Rennier, Montaigne (Session 2). Of these, 3 remain troubling, the Holvar men who were friendly and honourable and doing no more than their duty and the Montaignaise brigand, who though not honest was presumably desperate.

Thomas More Rede

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