The Jaguar Crown


A primitive headdress fashioned from the skull of a large jaguar, the pelt of which depends down there wearer’s back, like a cloak. The eyes of the jaguar glow, although the colours sometimes change.

In conversation with the mysterious hermit Presperino, Doctor Walker learned that the crown gifts the wearer with command and influence over those who follow the Jaguar Totem. This explains how Red Jack Stavros now commands a mixed force of Jaguar Knights and Gualapari Indians.

This would be bad enough, except that Presperino revealed the true origin of the artifact. Beneath the totemic trappings, the crown’s magical engine is the top part of a Crystal Skull, a strange and unknowable item that predates the Ixtlan Empire, and possibly even human civilization itself. Further, the old wizard intimated that the skull had been divided into three parts, and the face and the jawbone have yet to be discovered. If Stavros combines all three, what grim fate will befall the world?


The Jaguar Crown

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