The New World

Session 53

Session 53Tuesday 3rd January 2012 – by Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time – 564 days real time, 401 days game-time (12th September 1603 ?)

Location – The palace of a Montaignaise Cardinal who doesn’t like us very much.

“One is of course content to bask in the radiance of the sun, disturbed by it addressing one by name, and terrified when it asks you what you wish for.” Melchior Augustus Browne.

“Right, that’s settled then” – Tho. Rede

(In this session, all the strategems and arrangements went wrong when Melchior Browne departed from the established mode of communication with the rest of the picaroons just once, for reasons he now no doubt questions. The secretion of a message (in un-encrypted Montaignaise presumably) was observed. The message was intercepted, probably read and returned to the same place. When Guy des Chiens came to collect it, the plot unravelled, because watchers were there, and trailed him back to the inn where the rest were lodged. Shortly afterwards an overwhelming number of cavalry and foot were dispatched to take up all the conspirators.

Cardinal Rou-Demere has assumed an attitude of indignation at a departure by his servants, Bishop Me’Delles’ men, from his policy, disavowing the actions of Chasseurs Gris in the south. Princess Magritte has been restored to the royal household, and her protectors taken as guests in his own house. They are unavoidably aware that they are prisoners. Prisoners who can come and go as they wish, but never without unseen followers. Quiet murder is likely, when convenient. Meanwhile they are living in his compound, consuming food and drink he provides.

Their time has been filled with preparations for a reception by the king, being dressed for the occasion, in a bustle of activity of tailors, cobblers and barbers. At the presentation,King Brus asked what they would have of him, in token of his gratitude.)

Session 52

Session 52 – Monday 12th December 2011 – by Frithhill and Crowtribe

Elapsed time – 541 days real time, 399 days game-time (10th September 1603?)

Location – A respectable hostelry in one of the more reputable parts of the East Bank of Sante- Gènèvieve

(Farewell Manfred von Blut, we hardly knew thee. The company now stands in dread as GunslingerElite prepares to build a better salaud. Manfred was a uniquely interesting and frustrating opponent, who has, at various times, had us all wondering how to stop him. It turns out the answer was to pincer movement him, with a side occupied by an inns counter barring his mobility , then stabbing him in the chest with a boar spear, pinning his foot to the floor with a bastard sword, head-butting him unconscious from behind (while wearing a visored steel salet), and cutting his head off with a falchion when he fell down. His mobility and lack of fear of injury, borne of a supernatural resilience were alarming. He represents a high water mark.

In this session, the picaroons shut themselves in the inn of a village as yet engulfed by the sprawl of Sainte-Génévieve, while Melchior Browne arranged the lease of a funk-hole in the suburbs, outside the walls; an apartment above a butchers shop, in a rookery in the district of the slaughterhouses and tanneries. Guy des Chiens went out and found a puppy for Thomas Rede. It’s name is Cerberus, which may prove that Thomas has listened to at least some part of the torrent of verbage, gerunds and classical allusions which pour from Melchior.

Melchior also spied out people who might assist in the return of Princess Magritte to the bosom of her home and family. This is of course the royal household. The chosen helper is Jean-Marc Despard, an officer of the Royal Guard.

The Frog-Man was stranger, Mister Kilminster and Thorgeld the Wise were more deceptive. (It was not stated in the adventure log at the time but Thorgeld successfully manipulated the group into fratricide, a fact which was unsuspected until after the deed was done, and which was a salutory lesson). Red Jack Stavros is more terrible, but Manfred von Blut was truly a luminary. Vale.)

Manfred von Blut attempted to waylay our merry band, setting a stable attached to their inn alight. Suspecting treachery, Thomas and Guy prepared themselves and attacked their tormentor first. A back and forth battle raged between the combatants with no clear upper hand, until Thomas laid a telling blow, pinning the Gerheim assassin to the floor, and rattling his brain with a strike from his head, leaving him at Guy’s mercy, of which of course, there is none.

Session 51

Session 51 – Tuesday 29th November 2011 – by Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time – 527 days real time, 399 days game-time (10th September 1603?)

Location – A village yet to be engulfed by the sprawling expanse of Sainte-Gènèvieve.

“I am aware of what they say about the best laid plans. But ours are not even close to that well conceived, why do they still go awry?” – Melchior Browne

(In this session, by sea and by land the picaroons infiltrated to within sight of Sainte Génévieve, travelling north to the Sequana, and up-river on the ship Qu’elle Salade. ‘Mister Smith’ was there, hair bleached, skin stained and dressed in the garb of a sailor.. The question of whose game is being played arises. It may be Mister Smiths, since the sudden departure from the ship to a rendezvous with a clan of gypsies traveling overland was at his suggestion. Next time, when people who have their own agenda and claim to be connected to an Alban intelligence apparatus start directing the ways and means, it might be worth considering that they are also directing the ends too. Better to club them unconscious and hoist them over the midships gunwhale while you can.)

This week on THE NEW WORLD

Mister Smith reveals the true nature of his plans for Princess Magritte and offers his aid against the Cardinal. Another detour to avoid the Cardinals forces, sees the group traveling with gypsies to Sainte-Genevieve
Session 50

Session 50 – Thursday 24th November 2011 – by Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time – 522 days real time 386 days game-time (28th August 1603?)

Location – Aboard the ship "Qu’elle Salade, on the sea as it travels from Port Rennier to Sainte-Gènèvieve

(In this session the picaroons waited restlessly for the dawn and the tide. Thomas Rede was struck down as he set to wedging the doors and shutters of the Dolphin Inn of Port Rennier, later to be found lying in a pool of his own blood, spilled from a sword cut to his head, but not before the unwelcome re-appearance of Manfred von Blut, who attempted to carry away a drugged Princess Magritte. He was baulked by the concerted action of Vittorio, Guy des Chiens, Melchior Browne and Pierre Le Schtroumpf and retreated in the face of a rank of pointed pistols. The morning was disturbed by a procession of flagellating penitentes and the slipping away was accomplished almost without complication. A complication in the character of a man stabbed in the crowd.)

This week on THE NEW WORLD

Thomas is waylaid by a well placed blow to the head, while Vittorio and Guy face off against Manfred von Blut as he attempts to kidnap Princess Magritte. Pierre Le Schtroumpf proves himself an asset as he puts his life on the line to pull her out of danger.

Session 49

Session 49 – Tuesday 15th November 2011 – by Frithhill and Modus

Elapsed time – 513 days real time, 385 days game-time (27th August 1603?)

Location – A way-faring inn at the crossroads in sight of Port Rennier

“If I’m so simple, then why are my betters so often wrong ?” – Tho. Rede

“Voices keep me safe from cavaliers and bumpkins!” – Melchior Browne

(In this sessionPierre Le Schtroumpf was adopted by ShaunFreney who joined the group. Together with Vittorio Tornatore,Melchior Browne, Thomas Rede, Guy des Chiens, and Princess Magritte he travelled through the fields and woods of southern Montaigne, in sight of the Port Rennier road. The horse litter he rode in broke, ruining two perfectly good pike-staves. The incognito selected was that of a man (Melchior Browne, with his hair bleached with lemon juice) and his sister (Princess Magritte also with her hair bleached) of the mercantile caste, accompanied by a servant (Pierre Le Schtroumpf and a pair of bravos (Vittorio Tornatore and Guy des Chiens) for the safety of the bride, all on their way to a wedding. Thomas Rede imagined it would have been best to pose as soldiery and went out as some sort of Gerheimer knight. This would have both explained and excused the possession of horses, arms and armour. The remaining two could have been an injured comrade and camp=follower. Arriving in Port Rennier Guy and Pierre set about finding a suitably disreputable ship, with a marginally reliable master. Thomas had his horses (Gog and Magog) re-shoed and his new sword put in order (a basket-hilted backsword and longbow being too implicitly Alban) and spied out the quartet of Cochons Gris there. Princess Magritte settled into uxuration and Vittorio settled into Princess Magritte. Afternoon delight followed.

The question of what to do about the vigilant Chasseurs resulted in two answers. The simple expedient of nailing them into their lodgings in the small hours and paying a few sous to local street urchins or professional criminals to cause a rumpus. This flamboyant ruse has the obvious flaw of a willingness to accept a few sous more to describe the one who engaged them (or no expense at all, beyond the the costless insinuation of an imminent fate equal to death).

This week on THE NEW WORLD

Melchior reveals to Vittoriothe nature of his ability. The party sets off for Sainte-Genevieve via Port Rennier , heavily disguised as a wedding party. Meanwhile Vittorio and the princess’ relationship develops .
Session 48

Session 48 – Tuesday 8th November 2011 – by Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time – 506 days real time, 383 days game-time (25th August 1603?)

Location – The street of the village of Saint Pierre-Marc

“These men ….points to the corpses of the Cochons Gris…. are traitors and deceivers, spreading scandalous untruths about her majesty in an attempt to further some insurrectionist plot. I will have NO MORE of it in this town. This I so swear by my suspiciously bloodstained and strangely tattered grey cloak, as the completely legitimate representative of the Cardinal’s will.” – Melchior Browne

(In this session Thomas Rede stalked and killed the captain in charge of a detachment of Cochons Gris).

This week on THE NEW WORLD

Thomas finishes off the captain of the Grey Hunters while Melchior discredits the Grey Hunters tale to the small village. Finally free of pursuit for a brief period, the heroes get a brief respite to plan their next move.

Session 47

Session 47 – Tuesday 1st November 2011 – by Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time – 499 days real time, 383 days realtime (25th August 1603?)

Location – The manor-house of Villefort and road from Saint Pierre Marc, which lies between the two

“Aargh ! Raargh ! Die ! Die you Papist bastards! Aargh !” – Tho. Rede

(In this session, two combats were played out simultaneously over a period exceeding sixty one-second combat rounds and two hours real time. For the first time in the 47 sessions of the campaign to date, a fire-arm was loaded, fired, reloaded and fired a second time.)

This week on THE NEW WORLD

The Grey Hunters meet their inevitable end at the hands of Thomasand Melchior. Meanwhile Vittorioand the princess encounter a trap at the supposed sanctuary of Villaforte. However again the Hunters become the hunted as Guy changes allegiances, and they face the murderous rage that is the blade of Vittorio.

Session 46

Session 46 – Tuesday 25th October 2011 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 492 days real time, 383 days game-time (25th August 1603?)

Location – The village of Saint Pierre-Marc and the fields which lie between it and the manor-house of Villefort

“I’ve had ’bout as much as I want of this bad bargain.” – Tho. Rede

(In this session attempts to elude Les Chasseurs Gris failed. Wilhelm Gottschalk was hacked down in the village of Saint Pierre-Marc. At the end of the evening, Vittorio Tornatore was racing across the countryside by horse with Princess Magritte behind him, and Thomas Rede and Melchior Browne were driving along a road with five angry cavalrymen readying their horses behind them.)

Session 45

Session 45Tuesday 11th October 2011 – by Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time 478 days real time, 382 days game-time (24th August 1603)

Location – the village of Jean-Pierre, in southern Montaigne.

“It’s all I can do to stay my hand. My tongue too.” – Tho. Rede

“It is not that I mind that ‘Mister Smith’ underhandedly pulled a dagger on me, for in truth I was about to pull a gun on him. It is that he interupted my performance to do so!!! What a churlish beef-witted lout!!!” Melchior Browne

(Princess insists on staying at an inn with a feather bed, a bath and a suitable repast ? Tick ! The inn having feather bed and a suitable repast ? Cross ! Acquiescence to making ourselves conspicuous staying in a public house ? Tick !)

(Hi-jinks ensue resulting in a body count? Tick!)

While Vittorio tries to woo the Princess, an unscheduled stop in a small town leads to a deadly clash with Mr. Smith and his associates. Magritte discovers that she is officially dead, and Pierre has a near brush with death. (MA-scenes of strong violence, high level barrel-torture, beheading and inadvisable barrel riding)

Session 44

Session 44Thursday 6th October 2011 – by Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time 473 days realtime, 381 days game time (23rd August 1603)

Location – The roads of southern Montaigne, inland from Port Rennier

“Voices protect us from the highborn and their intrigue….save Vittorio….. who may just need saving from his self first of all.” Melchior Browne

(Princess Rescued ? Tick ! Princess cosseted to the point that she has no idea of the realities of her situation ? Tick ! Many hi-jinks consequent of this to come ? Tick !)

The group becomes further embroiled in the political intrigue of Montaine, when they inadvertantly rescue a princess and tensions simmer as they discuss the fate of the prisoner named Pierre.
(PG graphic pomelling, low level barrel torture)


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