The New World

Session 1
Introductions and new beginnings

Captain Morgan De Brüt and First Mate N’batu arrive by sea at the small seaside port of Ploverton with sailors in tow. They encounter Miss Nightshade sent to accompany and guide them to the Hog’s Head Inn for a rendezvous with Sir Frederick Westmorough, where Doctor Vincent Walker and Marcus Mordecai have gathered as part of this grand plot. Before long, the fleeing Vittorio Tornatore and Thomas arrive, rumours of a well-paying job having reached their tired, poor asses.

Having insinuated themselves into the group, their contact, Sir Frederick arrived proposing a contract too good to refuse for a seemingly simple escort job, a small sickly boy from Montaigne held at Chateau de Villeforte for the princely sum of 1000 guineas each.

The following morning, those that had not returned to the ship were ambushed by Kings Men at the inn, and barely escaped alive to the relative safety of the Crimson Dawn

Op. Ed. for Session 1“Well-met by hearth-light…” (par.)Thursday 17th June 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed Time 14 days real time, 1 day game time (13th July 1602 ?)

Location – Ploverton, a small port town on the southern coast of Albion.

“’Twas a dark and stormy night….”, began GunslingerElite. And it was, at least in the game. In reality it was dark and chilly, because of a quirk of the Antarctic Oscillation Index. Ploverton is not one of the worlds great and bustling ports. Ploverton is a small provincial town perched on the height above a bay, hedged in by cliffs, providing an anchorage for a small flotilla of fishing craft; perfect for the hatching of a conspiracy. There are many such around the coasts of Albion and Sir Frederick Westmorough, a man obliged to incognitoes and meetings in out of the way places, chose this one. In the Kings Head Inn the landlord was reconciling himself to an occupation-less evening, when one brace of strangers, then three nautical gentlemen, and another brace of strangers stumped in out of the rain, joining his single guest. The morning saw the hasty dispatch of a detachment of men-at-arms and an unseemly scramble to the Crimson Dawn (commanded by Captain Morgan de Bruit) and an unpleasant surprise for the militia, who found themselves confronted with hard-bitten sailors with muskets.

Adventure Log!
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Session 0 – Thursday 3rd June 2010 – by Frithhill

Character creation.

Present were GunslingerElite, crowtribe, LiamDunwichHorror, mikkael, Bleys, blindwitness, Bethbot and Frithhill. The resultant characters were N’batu, Vittorio Tornatore, Marcus Mordecai (superceded after 4th August 2010 by a new character, Anais), Captain Morgan de Bruit, Doctor Vincent Walker, Lady Nightshade/Miss Nightshade, and Thomas More Rede. The roles fulfilled by these characters were :-

Front Row Combat – N’batu (also a mobility character, able to operate watercraft, linguistics), replaced by Brem O’Gellwyn on 23rd September 2010. Brem fulfills similar roles (combat, mobility, linguistics).

Front Row Combat – Vittorio Tornatore (also a mobility character, able to ride horses),

Front Row Combat – Thomas Rede (also a mobility character, able to operate vehicles drawn by animals),

Healing Battery – Doctor Vincent Walker,

Transport – Captain Morgan de Bruit (with additional roles in mobility, logistics, contacts linguistics and support),

Fixing – Marcus Mordecai. The character which replaced him has a more limited role, logistics rather than logistics, contacts and linguistics. Anais has a subterfuge role too),

Social and Subterfuge – Lady Nightshade/Miss Nightshade (also has roles in logistics and linguistics).


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