The New World

Session 36

Session 36Tuesday 21st June 2011 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time: 366 days real time, 285 days game time ( 19th May 1603 ?)

Location – The delta of the Rio Hippolyta

“Our fortunes are fickle. It be like a ship of the sea in flukey winds. One moment the sails be full, then you’rn taken aback.” – Tho. Rede

(In this session the decision was taken to confront the Ixtlan raiding party, part of the forces posted at the mouth of the river at Pointe Verdaine, mounting a night attack on the remaining two dozen or so raiders, following skirmishes with part of this force. A surprise attack at night was successful. A mixed force of Europan pirates (of which Red Jack appears to have pressed more recruits, Ixtlan Jaguar Knights and Gualapari allies) was quickly dealt with by a combination of sentry removal, explosive ordnance, tactical archery and blitzing. A number of local Gualapari were thereby liberated. This may be of benefit from the viewpoint of securing an exfiltration route, by 1) Force depletion of hostile elements allowing infiltration without communication of our presence (and the reduced force may be obliged to limit the scope of their operations) and 2) Cultivation of friendly relations with the local population, who will be less inclined to inflict attrition on the crew of our transport (or seize control of it).

Some questions demand an answer. The expansion of operations by Red Jack’s forces to the mainland (given that he had previously been concentrating on pillaging islands in the Arawak Sea, and seeking to destroy the military capability of Europan powers in the region) must be significant. Posting forces to the Hippolyta (and possibly the Emerald River) must be seen as an attempt to command entrance into the interior.

Is this a bridgehead ? One construction is that he intends to return to the Ixtlan Empire. He may in fact have forces upriver already.

Are they seeking to increase forces by forcible recruiting in the Gualapari Basin?

Or going back to the well to replenish losses to the core (the Jaguar Knights) of his horde ?

Is it resource/labour based, consolidating his position through slave-taking ? If so, is it the practical aspect of labour resources, used to whatever purpose he might conceive ?(The obvious applications of which are engineering, construction or establishing the capacity to supply his military units with food). Or does he still have a way to monetize human cargo, employing the capital for logistical ends.

It may simply be giving his essential forces some leeway, since they are in the habit of doing this, it being part of their familiar way of life. The criteria by which they judge success is perhaps counted in the number of slaves and other commodities captured.

Is the detached force isolated or is part of his flotilla still in the area ?

Might he be mounting an expedition to seize another part of the Crystal Skull ?

Is he personally present ?)

Session 35

Session 35Friday 3rd June 2011 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time 348 days real time, 284 days game time (18th May 1603 ?)

Location – The delta of the Rio Hippolyta

“Back on the god-forsaken river again. I mun start keeping some o’ me promises. Red Jacks people are all over the place. No sooner than we turned from the sea, we ran into some. And the frog which has the size and shape of a man mun have sum’at to do with him. It mun have bin dogging our footsteps since we passed through Port o’ Hoppittal the time before, maybe. Or Dareton”. – Tho. Rede

In this session we sombrely piped Mikkael off.

Session 34

Session 34Thursday 26th May 2011 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 340 days real time, 281 days game time (15th May 1603 ?).

Location – Port-au-Hôpital, Hata

“So close I could almost reach out and touch it. Captain Stavros holds Port Verdan now, but there’s friendly stars above us, it seems. Somat ent right. The weathers too fair, the winds too favourable. When we was ordered to stand to, I thought we were done for. Reckon I ought to go and fish those boots out. There’s still some use in ’em.” – Tho. Rede

Sessions 31, 32 and 33

Sessions 31, 32 and 33Thursday 21st April 2011, Thursday 5th May 2011, Thursday 12th May 2011 – by Mikkael, Modus and Frithhill

Elapsed time – 326 days real time , 243 days game time ( 9th March 1603 ?)

Location – Leifurland, running away from Gerivik

“Argh! I be dead!”
-Dirty Pete

“O’er icy seas from a distant land
Came a wild and fierce and bloody band
With steel and fire gripped in their hand
To spell the doom of Grugnir

And on a lonley blackened shore
With sword ’n thunder brought to the fore
The wyrm cried out a deathly roar
Before his head was parted

Upon our hall with eyes a dim
The Dragon’s skull doth deathly grin
For Grugnir knows that tales grow grim
When blood price is not sated

Beneath the birds of blackened wing
Beneath the tree where dead men swing
Lies still, the once undying king
Thorvald, Wise no longer

Now but five where once were more
Theives head back to farflung shore
Richer now in blood soaked lore
The crysal skull is grinning"
-addition to the Saga of Grugnir, by Snori Fireborn (formally Fair)

“Running again. Journeys end is beckoning and I’m glad to set my back to Gerivik.

The things I’ve seen. Maybe the last dragon. I don’t rightly know if the world is a better or worse place for it’s lack. P’raps a day will come when there’ll be peace for me, away from the stinks of modern life. The smell of cattle, and hay and earth and wood smoke; not burnt powder, blood and death.

I mun look a right scarecrow." – Tho. Rede.

Session 30

Session 30Tuesday 12th April 2011 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 296 days real time, 235 days game time (1st March 1603 ?)

Location – Gerivik, in Leifurland

“Here be dragons ? Gods Blood !” – Tho. Rede

Session 29

Session 29Thursday 31st March 2011

Elapsed time – 284 days real time, 234 days game time (28th February 1603 ?)

Location – Gerivik, in Leifurland

“I don’t know if this journey takes me nearer or further from home. If some day, I find myself in the church of red-nosed parson, droning on, I swear I’ll embrace him like a brother when he’s done. Priests in foreign lands, well if they’re not leading dazed women into lairs of wild beasts, then they’re gutting hanged men like an executioner or slaughter-man and poking around in ‘is gizzards. We don’t know where the part of skull is, and I have to find a way to get William of Coleshire free. Our welcome ‘ere isn’t likely to last long, and I have already looked at the lord here around a bow-stave. I don’t count our chances of making away with some’at from a treasure house very high. " – Tho. Rede

Session 28

Session 28Thursday 24th March 2011 – by Frithhill

Elapsed Time: 277 days real time, 229 days game time (23rd February 1603 ?)

Location – Leifurland, surrounded by frozen tundra/taiga.

“The dead are surely jealous of their chattels, and do not forget. The sword the heathen priest gave us, by the Emerald River, has been taken back by warriors of the old king. Lifetimes gone, did the king pass out of these lands, and reach the shore of t’ sea, only to turn back, and return brooding again, without ? I’m minded of that envoy, long ago. Did he barter the mask away, or did he come all this way to rob t’ tomb. There’s as much sense in that as a cocks egg.” – Tho. Rede

Session 27

Session 2717th March 2011 -by Mikkael and Frithhill

Elapsed time: 270 days real time, 228 days game time (22nd February 1603 ?)

Location – the northern parts of Amerigo, in the New World, north and west of the Dareton colony.

“Yarr, we be movin’ north from Dareton with mammoth hunters. Snow be coverin’ everythin’ and we be shiverin’. Brem the skallywag borrowed me musket to go huntering with Steve and Terry. I asked for collateral in case he lost me musket. He gave his pistol. Methinks I was robbed. While I’s was setting up camp they shot a deer but lost it to the jaws of giant wolves. They be the size of small rowboats. Brem and Terry dragged Steve covered in his own blood back to camp. The Docker he tried his best but Old Davy Jones took his due. With Miss Nightshads help I asked Brem where me musket be. He said he dropped it. I tells him, I now owns his pistol. Brem be cheeky-fine with that. I feels robbed proper now. Next day we claimed the pelts of the wolves. They be the size of killer whales. I founds me musket frozen in the snow and be a happy Pete. Brem sees me with me musket and starts yammering at me in his odd little sing-song. Miss Nightshads not around so I be feeling smug and un-robbed.

We then be walking another two weeks. The cold drained me grog by the time we made the Great Lakes. The hunters made camp and we be parting ways from them. Methinks I’ll let one of the others tell the story of the how Brem and Tom went a scoutin’, and how we founds ourselves facing a dead Norseman warrior in the middle of the night". – Dirty Pete

“I’ve et my fill at table of murder. I fear the Devil has a place for me at another feast.

Sent for meat, which I regret not having, now, since a long and hungry walk stretches far as I can see. When the corn comes in and bushels are put away empty, all go and fetch acorns. Before the next summer, acorn porridge will serve for bread. The autumn is long gone, and so are the oak-caps. I saw a mammoth though.

Along the way I’ve been thinking about how that mammoth would have tasted. I’m not sorry that I pulled it out of the mire, but. Sum’t ‘ll come along. The woods ahead are likely to be pines, but there’ll be sum’t abroad at the hungry end of the winter, before the thaw.

I saw a howe, just like at home, tales I’ve heard were true. Pagan kings do tarry in the underworld. I’ t’ dales, knights of old must’a put them to rest. The old kings in Norwick mun have been of the like to what we saw last eve. There must be old coats of mail rusting away in the mud all over Northshire. One here too, now" – Tho. Rede

Note: As from Session 27 (17th March 2011), the adventure log is being written from a first-person perspective, rather than a third-person perspective. The summary of events previously employed was verbose, and not necessarily entertaining to read.

Session 26

Session 2610th March 2011 – by Mikkael

Elapsed time: 263 days real time, 211 days game time (5th February 1603 ?)

Location – Dareton, a colony settled by dissidents from Albion, in the northern part of Amerigo

“I’ve never seen a Tuathan fly off like that” – Dirty Pete

Session 25

Session 253rd March 2011 – by Mikkael

Elapsed time: 256 days real time, 188 days game time (13th January 1603 ?)

Location – Tatlopocl, a frontier town of the Ixtlan empire in the southern part of Amerigo

“Got ourselves some mighty fine jewelry. These natives aren’t that bad. Hmmm, let’s be off and find the rest of that Jaguar Crown shall we?” – Dirty Pete


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