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Session 0 – Thursday 3rd June 2010 – by Frithhill

Character creation.

Present were GunslingerElite, crowtribe, LiamDunwichHorror, mikkael, Bleys, blindwitness, Bethbot and Frithhill. The resultant characters were N’batu, Vittorio Tornatore, Marcus Mordecai (superceded after 4th August 2010 by a new character, Anais), Captain Morgan de Bruit, Doctor Vincent Walker, Lady Nightshade/Miss Nightshade, and Thomas More Rede. The roles fulfilled by these characters were :-

Front Row Combat – N’batu (also a mobility character, able to operate watercraft, linguistics), replaced by Brem O’Gellwyn on 23rd September 2010. Brem fulfills similar roles (combat, mobility, linguistics).

Front Row Combat – Vittorio Tornatore (also a mobility character, able to ride horses),

Front Row Combat – Thomas Rede (also a mobility character, able to operate vehicles drawn by animals),

Healing Battery – Doctor Vincent Walker,

Transport – Captain Morgan de Bruit (with additional roles in mobility, logistics, contacts linguistics and support),

Fixing – Marcus Mordecai. The character which replaced him has a more limited role, logistics rather than logistics, contacts and linguistics. Anais has a subterfuge role too),

Social and Subterfuge – Lady Nightshade/Miss Nightshade (also has roles in logistics and linguistics).

Session 1
Introductions and new beginnings

Captain Morgan De Brüt and First Mate N’batu arrive by sea at the small seaside port of Ploverton with sailors in tow. They encounter Miss Nightshade sent to accompany and guide them to the Hog’s Head Inn for a rendezvous with Sir Frederick Westmorough, where Doctor Vincent Walker and Marcus Mordecai have gathered as part of this grand plot. Before long, the fleeing Vittorio Tornatore and Thomas arrive, rumours of a well-paying job having reached their tired, poor asses.

Having insinuated themselves into the group, their contact, Sir Frederick arrived proposing a contract too good to refuse for a seemingly simple escort job, a small sickly boy from Montaigne held at Chateau de Villeforte for the princely sum of 1000 guineas each.

The following morning, those that had not returned to the ship were ambushed by Kings Men at the inn, and barely escaped alive to the relative safety of the Crimson Dawn

Op. Ed. for Session 1“Well-met by hearth-light…” (par.)Thursday 17th June 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed Time 14 days real time, 1 day game time (13th July 1602 ?)

Location – Ploverton, a small port town on the southern coast of Albion.

“’Twas a dark and stormy night….”, began GunslingerElite. And it was, at least in the game. In reality it was dark and chilly, because of a quirk of the Antarctic Oscillation Index. Ploverton is not one of the worlds great and bustling ports. Ploverton is a small provincial town perched on the height above a bay, hedged in by cliffs, providing an anchorage for a small flotilla of fishing craft; perfect for the hatching of a conspiracy. There are many such around the coasts of Albion and Sir Frederick Westmorough, a man obliged to incognitoes and meetings in out of the way places, chose this one. In the Kings Head Inn the landlord was reconciling himself to an occupation-less evening, when one brace of strangers, then three nautical gentlemen, and another brace of strangers stumped in out of the rain, joining his single guest. The morning saw the hasty dispatch of a detachment of men-at-arms and an unseemly scramble to the Crimson Dawn (commanded by Captain Morgan de Bruit) and an unpleasant surprise for the militia, who found themselves confronted with hard-bitten sailors with muskets.

Session 2
Journey to Montaigne

Journey to Montaigne – by GunslingerElite

Having escaped the Kings men at the Ploverton the party set sail on the Crimson Dawn headed for Montaigne. After an uneventful voyage they find port in Port Rennier on the south west coast of Montaigne and all but Captain DeBrut disembark. The landing party then acquires a carriage from a local stable and begin their journey to the Chateau de Villeforte. Arriving at the chateau Thomas and N’Batu stay with the horses in the stables while Mordecai, Nightshade, Vittorio and Dr Walker are invited to dine with the Lady Villeforte of the chateau. Pleasantries are exchanged over dinner with Vittorio accepting some fine fashions from the Lady. The subject of the boy is raised and Dr Walker is allowed to examine him. Under guard Dr Walker meets Hugh DeBreton and finds that he is a bleeder and notices a wolf’s head shaped birthmark on him.

The Lady has the Party then vow to protect the boy and are allowed to leave with him. The journey back to Port Rennier is eventful with the carriage stumbling into a trap set by highwaymen. The thieves are swiftly dispatched by Vittorio’s blade, Mordecai’s pistols, Thomas’ bow, N’batu’s axe and Nightshade’s poison knives. Only N’batu suffering any serious injuries which were healed by Dr Walker’s healing incantations.

The party returned to the ship but were faced with a problem since the kings men were likely still watching the The King’s Head Inn where they were to return the boy to Sir Frederick Westmorough. It was decided that they instead head to Dorston a friendly Albion port known well to Captain DeBrut and Mordecai so that they may formulate a plan from there.

Op. Ed. for Session 2“Under an uncaring sky….”Thursday 24th June 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 21 day real time, 7 days game time (19th July 1602 ?)

Location – Southern Montaigne

Un-pursued by a mauled squadron of halberdiers and cavalrymen, the The Crimson Dawn sailed to Montaigne, docking at Port Rennier. Carrying a legitimate cargo of Albion linen cloth, harbour formalities were routine and a party went ashore, hiring a carriage and in accordance with instructions from Sir Frederick Westmorough, travelled to Chateau de Villeforte, the refuge of Hugh DeBreton, alternative claimant to the throne of Albion. Providing a gracious reception the relatives who had been sheltering the boy allowed the motley band (of which perhaps one could claim possession of a patent of nobility) to take away their ward. The session ended on the road from Chateau de Villeforte back to Port Rennier, upon the pitiable scene of four Montaignaise highwaymen lying lifeless under a grey sky, or else crawling away. The coach bearing the picaroons and their charge away from his place of sanctuary to an uncertain future rolled over the rope lying across the road, cut down from where it had been stretched between the trees.

Session 3
Return to Albion

Arriving in Dorston, much of the crew disembark with Mordecai seeking out his contact to get a message to Sir Frederick. Miss Nightshade, Doctor Walker and Thomas take temporary lodgings at an upscale inn with Hugh DeBriton under their protection in the Port while Captain DeBrut, Vittorio and N’batu find themselves in the rather more rustic setting of a local tavern, The Hook and Yardarm. After imbibing a moderate amount of alcohol Vittorio accidentally spills the drink of a burly longshoreman in the tavern. Vittorio then further insults the man N’batu steps in to defend his comrade and quickly becomes enraged by the longshoreman’s boorish manner escalating tentions further. Just as the confrontation is about to erupt in violence Captain DeBrut defuses the situation by buying drinks for the longshoremen.

Later that evening after leaving the tavern Captain DeBrut, Vittorio and N’batu encounter the longshoremen again with the lead man challenging N’batu. Choosing to retain his weapon against the urgings of Captain DeBrut, N’batu fights and kills this longshoreman which prompts his companions to flee. Captain DeBrut, Vittorio and N’batu then return to the Crimson Dawn.

The next day soldiers sent by Shriver arrive at The Crimson Dawn and escort Captain DeBrut, Vittorio and N’batu to see Shriver. Speaking to Captain DeBrut Shriver expresses concern over a murder the previous night. Captain DeBrut manages to bribe him into overlooking this offence but he still insists on locking N’batu and Vittorio up for a day to which they comply.

While in port Captain DeBrut meets with a old business aquaintance by the name of George Dwyer. Unsuccessful in fencing the goods aboard the Crimson Dawn Captain DeBrut enquires of any lucrative opportunities that Dwyer could suggest. Dwyer states that there is much interest in the Albion goods in The New World and that that the captain might turn a tidy profit bringing back the treasures found there. Captain DeBrut thanks Dwyer for his assistance.

Miss Nightshade spends her time in port shopping at the fine clothiers finding much finery for herself and Thomas and even going to far as to have tailor come and fit clothes to Vittorio and N’batu in the jail.

Eventually they are released and return to the Crimson Dawn. Mordecai resurfaces with instructions from Sir Frederick Westmorough. The boy is to be taken to Londinium where he shall be collected at an exhibit of treasures from the The New World. However first the party must collect payment for the boys protection in the form of The Eye of Kilminster a gem the size of a plover’s egg which is said to be hidden in Kilminster House.

Op. Ed. for Session 3“One more thing….”Thursday 1st July 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 28 days real time, 13 days game time (25th July 1602 ?)

Location – The Fishmouth Inn, Kilminster

Arriving in Albion through the port of Dorston, selected by Captain deBrut for a remaining sympathy for the old regime, a message was brought from the spymaster, Sir Frederick Westmorough (by Marcus Mordecai) that there was something else which needed to be done. A jewel, The Eye of Kilminster would be required. A possession of the family of the same name, in a likewise eponymous town, this magical artefact would facilitate the protection of the heir in some manner.

Now a little bit of high treason is one thing (the right and wrongs of which are arguable), burglary is quite another. An apprehension attended the prospect of entering the house of a complete stranger and depriving him of his lawful property. When the hired coach was lodged in the stables of the Fish Mouth Inn, the unease only increased. Matters were plainly awry, the ominous atmosphere wearing to the nerves. The manor house which housed the gem stood three miles from the village, across neglected fields. An afternoon spent among the boughs of a dead apple tree, overlooking the manor (and a sprawling graveyard) ascertained more neglect and a single light in a window.

Session 4
The Secret of Kilminster House

Resolute in their mission to aquire The Eye of Kilminster the party proceeds to hire a carriage leaving The Crimson Dawn in the care of its crew docked at the Dorston. Hugh DeBreton is brought along for his protection. The journey to the town of Kilminster is uneventful and the party soon arrive at the eerily quiet town in the shadow of Kilminster House.

The party makes first for the Inn noting the strange behavior of the locals and the presence of magical protection charms. Asking the Innkeeper about Kilminster House the party are told that Lord Kilminster dwells there but has not been seen in many years. In fact there has been no comings or goings to Kilminster House in some time. Taking a room in the Inn the party then strategises about the best way to obtain the Eye of Kilminster. Thomas volunteers to reconnoiter the house and set out in the pouring rain. Ultimately finding no way into Kilminster House other than the main gate nor getting any kind of idea what lies beyond its high walls Thomas returns to the Inn.

A plan is formulated amongst the party to attempt guile rather than force to aquire the stone. Mordecai, Miss Nightshade and Dr Walker will pose as Montaignaise scholars researching the ancestral lineage of Albion. While the Lord of the house is occupied Miss Nightshade is to excuse herself and search the house for the gem. Meanwhile Captain DeBrut, Thomas and N’batu will wait in the carriage outside the doors to Kilminster House ready to rescue their comrades at a moments notice since all involved are well aware this attempt could break into violence at any juncture. Vittorio volunteers to stay at the inn and protect the boy.

Arriving at Kilminster House the “scholars” are greeted by Lord Kilminster, an elderly and friendly old man who cheerfully welcomes them in and offers them hospitality. The Lord suggests to Thomas that he lead the carriage around to the stables at the rear of the estate, which Thomas does. Inside the manor Lord Kilminster offers wine to the party while discussing his family history as well as tales of his education in Londinium in a cheerful and absentminded way. Miss Nightshade soon excuses herself and is lead to the powder room by the Lord of the House. While Kilminster is absent Mordecai and Dr Walker quickly search the room. Abruptly both Miss Nightshade and Mordecai succumb to a sleeping potion in the wine they drank earlier while Dr Walker is grasped by the shoulder by Lord Kilminster and mystically commanded to sleep.

Captain de Bruit, N’batu and Thomas soon become concerned that something is wrong inside the house having heard nothing from the rest of the party for some time. They leave the carriage and attempt to enter the house however their attempts to break into the house are not immediately successdul so Captain DeBrut attempts to blow the doors off their hinges using grenades. This result in a violent explosion but the doors hold until N’batu manages to force them open.

The sound of explosions wakes Marcus Mordecai who finds himself in a wide dungeon locked in a cell with Dr Walker

to be continued

Op. Ed. for Session 4“There was a crooked man….”Thursday 8th July 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time 35 days real time, 14 days game time (26th July 1602 ?)

Location – Fleeing from Kilminster

Happily Lord Kilminster didn’t seem to find the unexpected guests who explained themselves as heralds from Montaigne, documenting the ramifications of some nobleman there any more specious than Marcus Mordecai, Lady Nightshade and Doctor Walker’s impression of a doddering, querulous and benign old man.

Meanwhile Frithhill, declared “Push him over and tie him up”, adding a few moments later, when they hadn’t done so, “….Or we could re-enact the plot of Arsenic and Old Lace instead”.

And sure enough, stupified by a sleeping draught in the wine he hospitality proffered his guests as he answered their questions they found themselves in a dungeon beneath Kilminster House. As a second hour dragged by Captain de Bruit, N’batu and Thomas Rede harboured a mounting alarm. No answer came to a knock on the door.

Though the courtyard was littered here and there with the debris of the usual domestic chattels, the gate hung warped and brittle on it’s hinges and the stable tottered, empty except for mouldering harness and rotten straw the door of the hall with it’s thick planks and un-corroded bands was too strong for the grenade exploded at the threshold. So, clambering onto the roof of the carriage, N’batu smashed in a window of the upper floor and Thomas Rede, N’batu and Captain de Bruit commenced a search of the house. Coming upon marks in the carpet of dust, they followed the trail left where Marcus Mordecai (or Doctor Walker) had been dragged to the head of a descending stair.

The scene they came upon was awful, a dead man who yet walked stood at the foot of the stairs. Beyond Doctor Walker fended off more at bars of his cell and Marcus Mordecai was invisible at the centre of a huddle of more still. Lady Nightshade still stuperose, lay bound on a altar-stone. A dropped lantern on the stair spilled it’s oil, which took fire, restoring illumination when it took hold of the struggling, staggering, burning undead. The sight of Lord Kilminster slipping away through a hidden door. and his unholy brood dragging away the insensible, mauled body of Marcus Mordecai spurred N’batu and Thomas to urgency. Soon the dismembered parts or burning skeletons of the zombies littered the charnel house. Lady Nightshade and Captain de Bruit, roused from un-natural slumber and sprawling collapse assisted the gentleman whose false nose had come unstuck, while N’batu and Thomas set out in search of the necromancer, Lord Kilminster. Emerging from the family crypt outside the walls, the last of a line fell under the bulk of the armoured man dropping on him from it’s top and could do no more than protest feebly before a blow to the head stopped him for all time.

Meanwhile a search of the house had discovered the stone, together with the products of the Kilminster families travels and solitary delvings; a knife of great use to a magician and a trove of knowledge in the form the assembled arcane lore of generations. Firing the house, with the corpus of it’s sole resident inside, a retreat seemed prudent.

At the Fish Mouth Inn, things were going badly with Vittorio Tornatore, left to watch over Hugh DeBreton. One minute he was enjoying the cellar and keeping the young royal entertained (by teaching him to play at cards), the next an surprising and unwelcome transformation had afflicted the landlord and staff. Barricading himself and a child whose experience of the world was increasingly rapidly in an upstairs chamber, he looked out to find the remaining inhabitants of the ill-fated village similarly changed. The carriage came barrelling down the road from the manor in the nick of time, a leap to the roof of the backing conveyance and away, pursued by the shrapnel of a score of undead, blown up as they turned from under the window, to crowd around the new quarry.

Shut in the stable, the saddle horse hired in Dorston wide eyed, panicked….

Session 5

Op. Ed. for Session 5In the belly of the Beast / The Greatest City in the World….Thursday 22nd July 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 42 days real time, 17 days game time (29th July 1602 ?)

Location – The streets of Londinium

The Crimson Dawn sailed into the port at the mouth of the Tamesis and discharged a small party into Londinium, which merged into the mob, dispersing themselves to waterfront hostelries. Rumours were heard of the dispatch of a force, and a suppression in Kilminster

Settled in, a visit to the district across the river was made. In a South Bank theatre where the great dramatists of the age staged their entertainments a conference took place after a performance, with a player at the top of the profession. He was also an agent in Sir Frederick Westmoroughs network. Meanwhile N’batu, remaining in the Crown and Anchor, a salubrious free house habituated by well-to-do commercants and mariners, sat vigil in the chamber where Hugh DeBreton was lodged.

Returning from a successful rendezvous, Marcus Mordecai, Lady Nightshade, Doctor Walker, Vittorio Tornatore and Thomas Rede found their charge gone; and N’batu lying on the floor with a small crossbow bolt in his throat. Amd yet he was alive though drugged with a sleeping poison.

Efforts to discover which way the kidnapper might have gone revealed that he had not left at all, but was in another room, upstairs. Quietly approaching, Vittorio Tornatore and N’batu watched as Lady Nightshade applied herself to opening the lock. Easing the door open, a darkened room and and the form of Hugh DeBreton swaddled in a sack on the bed. Entering to rescue the boy, they found themselves engaged with a fearsome opponent, Manfred von Blut (a hired assasin, renowned as one of the most dangerous men in Europa). Though they hemmed him in, outnumbering him three to one the contretemps fast became farcical. Every blow encountered air, and Manfred von Bluts rapier deftly twitched weapons out of hands. A frustrated rush by N’batu was casually evaded, and he burst through the window panes falling to the cobbles below.

Catching up his bait, von Blut vaulted the sill and seized a passing horse, pulling down it’s rider. Vittorio aimed his pistol but changed his mind and followed through the window, vainly trying to grasp the assassin, falling to the street.

Hacking the foreleg of the unfortunate animal N’batu disturbed Manfreds seat, and though his escape was effected, he fled without his prize. Hugh DeBreton lay stark, still bundled in the jute bag, stabbed down through the inside of the collarbone. Only the ministrations of Doctor Walker, secret practitioner of the dark arts sufficed to stem the flow from the sufferer of the bleeding sickness.

Session 6

Op. Ed. for Session 6“A walk in the park….”Monday 26th July 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed Time 46 days real time, 19 days real time (31st July 1602 ?)

Location – A port-side district of Londinium

Hayden Park, that is. A great exhibition, thronging with the curious citizens of Londinium, showed the novelties of the New World. It was here that Sir Frederick Westmorough had ordained the exchange of custody of the alternative claimant to the throne of Albion, smuggled into the realm. A very good place for the business, if the best place to hide is in a crowd. The guardians arrived in a state of heightened vigilance, expecting the hand on the collar at any moment, since Manfred von Blut had seen most of them, and returned to report to his paymasters. The hand never fell, though, and still incredulous they found themselves in the greatest city in the world, with unaccustomed wealth.

Session 7

Op. Ed. for Session 7“On the town….”Wednesday 4th August 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 55 days real time, 21 days game time (2nd August 1602 ?)

Location – The docklands of Londinium

Tarrying in the metropolis, each of the various members of a successful plot pursued their personal ends, as each was inclined; more or less anxious about remaining at the scene of a crime. Preparations were made for a journey beyond the bounds of the familiar world, far from the affairs and powers of Albion. On the eve of departure luck abandoned the plotters. In their own midst, one had made his own arrangements. While others enjoyed the benefits of sudden affluence, Marcus Mordecai used his money to buy a pardon. Around the table crowtribe, Bethbot, blindwitness, Frithhill and Bleys thought “That’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that ?”. Meanwhile mikkael was no doubt thinking, “Well, the price was only available to the first customer, what would point be of everyone selling out everyone else ?” At a clandestine gathering in a Mongery district lodging house, Marcus Mordecai appeared in a new guise, as Father Xavier, exciting a lively suspicion. Retiring to the taproom to think on the proposed course, Thomas Rede followed by Captain de Bruit were in time to see the company of soldiery forming up in the street.

Then tbere was another scramble, with soldiers coming up the stairs. Marcus Mordecai ran up his new colours by shooting N’batu and Doctor Walker. Thomas and [[:morgan-de-bruit | Captain deBrut] with two sailors from The Crimson Dawn retreated upstairs, detained by a meeting with searchers from seeing the viper in the cradle felled by Miss Nightshade, aghast at the rapidity of the poisons she employs. All looked lost, when Captain de Bruit set off grenades among the ranks of the cordon, in the street below. Amidst the the carnage and confusion, the fugitives slipped away through the streets to the nearby docks and into an ill-gotten boat.

Session 8

Op. Ed. for Session 8The Vacation….Tuesday 10th August 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time 61 days real time, 74 days game time (24th September 1602 ?)

Location – An un-named and uninhabited island in the Pearlstring Island chain, in the Arawak Sea

Sailing up the coast towards Hibernia, seeking to avoid pursuit by rounding the Orcades and pass through the straits between Albion and Tir Nan Og, before striking a course across the Ocean Sea to the The Arawak Sea at it’s opposite end a brig bore down, on an intercepting course. With more yardage of sail and a following wind the royal ship was faster and threatened to overhaul The Crimson Dawn. Turning in under the bow of the larger, better armed craft and firing a salvo at it’s masts and sails, before turning again the escape was made. The chaser, with smashed spars, torn canvas and severed cordage fell away astern.

53 days later, stores and water butts gone stale, The Crimson Dawn sighted land, one of the Pearl String Islands. Straining eagerly, forage parties rowed towards the shore.

(Note, the origin of the term “vacation” is from the habit of the more well-to-do citizens of London to leave the city during the summer, when it became too unpleasant to remain); in the nineteenth and twentieth century smog was a feature (from October through to April) prior to the Clean Air Act.

In the seventeenth century, the lack of sanitation, which would be rectified in reforms from the mid nineteenth century onwards resulted in the “miasma”, during the summer months, in which the stench from open sewers and accumulation of rotten refuse in the streets, unflushed by rain became oppressive. The miasma was variously blamed for epidemics of cholera, typhoid and even bubonic plague prior to the postulation and general acceptance of germ theory. The allusive pertinence of this to the title is that Londinium has become too hot and foetid to permit continued occupation).

Session 9

Op. Ed. for Session 9“So that’s why no-one lives there….”Thursday 12th August 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time 63 days real time, 76 days game time (26th September 1602 ?)

Location – The island of Tortage, in the Arawak Sea

A hunting party, led by N’batu lurked and stalked in the dense woods. A mere suggestion of a noise teased at his ears as he waited for game, apart from his crew and he poised his spear ready to launch. A great spotted cat, like the one he had seen caged in the fair-ground in Londinium, like the familiar leopards of Ifriqia emerged, eyes locking with his. Gathering, the jaguar charged and was halted by a spear point running downm into it’s chest. and then a maiming axe-blow near severed it’s foreleg. Carrying his prize back to the beach, he presented it to Doctor Walker. Varied and eclectic as the Doctors interest are, zoology didn’t prove to number among them. After considering skinning the beast, it was consigned to a burial on the beach.

Venturing further into the jungle to explore the interior, N’batu and Vittorio Tornatore came across a V-shaped cleft at the base of one of the peaks, which formed the bones of the island. By the light of burning torches they ventured into the darkness. creeping up the narrow passage, till they came to to a cavern or chamber. Torchlight cast a sanguinary glow on a great number of bones covering the floor. On the walls glimpses of carvings tantalized. Who was it that stole in here and graved the peril of this lair ? For this is what it was. But in a series of pictures the figure of a man is seen entering the mouth under the mountain. In the mountain he meets the figure of a woman, the figures of man and woman lay together,the female figure rises while the male figure remains lying and the figure of a jaguar leaves the cave which might be a temple. Reading the signs and breathing in the rank air N’batu and Vittorio gradually became aware of the hoarse sound of breath other than their own. First warily, then hurriedly they descended back to the light, meeting no-one and nothing. Back at the beach a pit yawned in the sand. whether a local divinity or something else, the woman who is also a jaguar was no longer there.

Doctor Walker had also hastened from the dank, warm dark beneath the trees; turning aside from some mysterious errand of his own.

Replenished, the Crimson Dawn weighed anchor and sailed with an equal measure of relief to be away as it had felt to come to this nameless place. Before the sun had set three times, it had moored at rollicking, iniquitous Tortage.


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