Tag: Londinium


  • the Tamesis

    From it's source in the Loamshire hills, the great river of Albion runs fresh and clean through Loamshire and turpidly through Oatshire, until it approaches [[Londinium]]. Before it drains into the Gerheim Sea, it must run a gantlet of tributary streams …

  • The Orb

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/25117/elizabethan-theatre.jpg(Elizabethan theatre)! Theatre in [[Londinium | Londinium.]] Home to [[The Duke's Men]].

  • Marlon Mandeville

    Star player of [[The Duke's Men]] and one of the most celebrated actors oever to tread the boards of [[The Orb]]. Possibly an agent of [[:sir-frederick-westmorough | Sir Frederick Westmorough.]]