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  • Russka

    Our version of Eastern Europe, including Russia and the Baltic States. Once a collection of infighting tribes and principalities, it was united into a mighty empire by the Royal House of [[Moskva]], now the capital of the Empire. The Moskvans used …

  • Moskva

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/25120/sergei-kirillov-domes-the-moscow-kremlin-in-the-17th-century-1990-e1271920572651.jpg(Sergei kirillov domes the moscow kremlin in the 17th century 1990 e1271920572651)! Capital city of [[Russka | Russka.]]

  • Red Jack Stavros

    Captain of [[Moskva's Pride]], the Russkan pirate Red Jack Stavros is known for his brutality and lack of mercy. He rules his men through fear, and his wrath is so terrifying that his crew have been known to face certain death rather than cross him. …