Tag: Tir Nan Og


  • Tir Nan Og

    Large island off the West coast of [[Albion | Albion]] and equivalent to Ireland. Ruled by the ancient and beautiful [[:queen-mab | Queen Mab]], whose bloodline has ties to the mysterious and capricious [[Fae]]. Her court sits at the ancient city of …

  • Dubh Linn

    More properly known as Baile Átha Cliath, this is the capital city of [[Tir Nan Og | Tir Nan Og]], and home to the royal court of [[:queen-mab | Queen Mab]]. Although located on the East coast of the island, powerful glamours protect the city from …

  • Tuatha

    The native tribes of [[Tir Nan Og | Tir Nan Og]], who have long-standing ties to the mystical [[Fae]]. Led by [[:queen-mab | Queen Mab]].

  • Brem O'Gellwyn

    A Tuathan mercenary hailing from inland Tir Nan Og, Brem the Bastard (both named for his illegitimacy and habit for poor taste in practical jokes) stands at 5'6”, short raven-black hair and an enviable beard plaited to forks. But the eye is not drawn …