Tag: enemy


  • King Hamish I

    The King of [[Albion]] and [[Hiberia]], he is a staunch Ecclesiarch and an enemy of heresy and dark magicks. After a brief period of civil unrest, he took the throne 1n 1598, after [[Queen Elspeth]] died childless. He is a heavy-handed ruler, …

  • Red Jack Stavros

    Captain of [[Moskva's Pride]], the Russkan pirate Red Jack Stavros is known for his brutality and lack of mercy. He rules his men through fear, and his wrath is so terrifying that his crew have been known to face certain death rather than cross him. …

  • Lord Kilminster

    Elderly, now deceased, student of esoteric arts. Inherited [Kilminster House] after his elder brother died in a boar-hunting accident. Murdered by itinerant brigands in 1602.

  • Manfred von Blut

    One of the most notorious assassins and mercenaries in all of [[Europa | Europa,]] Manfred von Blut originally hails from the dark forests of central [[Gerheim | Gerheim,]] but now sells his sword to whoever can afford it. Known to be fond of pistol …