Adria is the commercial and trading capital of the Cadoccian Peninsula and is our version of Venice.

Adria is known as “The Floating City”. There was a time when the nickname was due to it’s hot springs and canal system. However, continued volcanic activity – ironically the source of the springs – has eroded the land beneath Adria to such a point that it is literally floating on a lake of mud, sulphur and boiling water. Adria fights a constant battle to stay afloat, enganging the services of the great Cadoccian engineer Leo Da Veridis the shore up the city’s crumbling foundations.

However, there have been great advances made in the wake of the disaster too. Da Veridis’ experiments with steam power, which is of course in abundant supply in Adria, have led to great technological advances, and the city has become not only a seat of learning, but now boasts one of the most advanced militaries in all of Cadoccia.

Adria is also a major exporter of agricultural products and a significant manufacturing centre.


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