The Baillieu is a three masted sailing ship, which superficially resembles a fluyt, but is in fact a race-built galleon (razee), representing the state of the art in ship design at the time of it’s construction in 1597, some five years before, when the older types of craft (carracks, caravels and naus/naos/nefs have begun resolving themselves into new designs (such as fluyts, galleons, galleons razee and Indiamen). The rig is like that of a caravela redonda/caravel redonde, with a mizzen mast carrying a lateen sail, and top-gaffe. The main mast carries a square sail and a square main top. the foremast could carry a square sail and square foretop sail or a large lateen sail. Currently an oversized lateen, raked at a less acute angle is hung there, below a square foretop. Finally there is a square sprit sail, The beams width is a little over 18 feet, the stem to stern length is 96 feet, 72 feet at the water line, the draught is fairly shallow, given the reduced number of decks, in all about 15 feet, loaded. The tonnage is characteristic of the usual sort of galleon, five hundred. The unusual rig and armament are calculated to allow operation with a smaller crew, much like a fluyt or caravel.
The gun deck has been fitted out as quarters, together with a wardroom, galley and mess, the lower deck, rather than left empty has been subdivided into a strongroom, small hold/extra armoury/overflow capacity for the infirmary, infirmary/sick bay, an armoury and a magazine. The fore-castle and stern-castle are false in the sense that they exist to house the guns.


4 Iron Demi-Cannon (thirty two pounders) placed in pairs fore and aft as bow and stern chasers, similar to the armament of Barbary Corsair galleys.

8 Bronze Dragonards (oversized swivel guns, equivalent to one and a half-pounder carriage guns).

A single deck worth of 24 false gun ports, 11 on the port, 11 on the starboard, 2 on the stern (which are shutters for the windows letting light into the wardroom).

Concealed ports for bow and stern chasers. The stern ports are camouflaged, the bow ports look like (and are) doors opening onto the flying deck. It is necessary to reef or strike the sprit sail prior to firing the forward guns.

Armoury: Three dozen pistols, two dozen muskets, 32 cutlasses, a half-pike, a blunderbuss, a coach gun, 32 buff coats, 32 breastplates, 32 helmets of the Montaignaise variant on the morion style, with nasal bars. a plenitude of shot for the firearms.

The Baillieu is a grand looking ship, with a rich indigo paint, gilt gun hatches and a proud figurehead, depicting a lion rampart, argent, armed and langued gules with a coronet, or. The frame is of Baltic oak, the masts of Baltic fir, much of the hull has been progressive replaced with local lignum vitae and mahogany, replacing the original Baltic timber. As such it has the advantage of unusual strength and resistance to marine borer infestation, as well as being something of a sheepdog in sheeps clothing. It has been careened in the last two months. Woodworm is currently absent.


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