Group name for the various peoples who live in The Emerald River Basin. The name comes from the Ixtlan name for the river, Gualapar.

The Gualapari are primitive hunter-gatherers (TL 1). Although they share a common ethnicity, the people of the Basin are linguistically diverse, owing to the small sizes of their tribal groups, the vast distances of the rain forest, and their generally shy and secretive nature.

Each tribe follows their own religion, although their are commonalities that point to a single root myth pool. Generally, they are pantheistic and animistic. Their rituals are generally totemic in nature, and individual Gualapari are almost certain to have an affinity with a totem spirit or animal. Ecclesiarch missionaries have had some success converting the natives.

The Ixtlan Empire, which lies to the North and West of the river basin, often raids the Gualapari for slaves and sacrificial victims. There is some conjecture that the Gualapari once lived further north, and were driven south by the aggressively expansive Empire, but the truth may never be known.

Gualapari hunters use bows, blowguns and poison darts, and traps and pitfalls. Their hand weapons are generally primitive flint and obsidian knives and axes, although some of the more warlike tribes have been known to use captured Ixtlan and Europan equipment.


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