Ixtlan Empire

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“The priest-kings of Ixtlan rule through blood and fear, their terrible magics enough to crush even the mighty Iberian conquistadors.”

A mysterious empire of gold and blood that dominates all of northern Mazteclopan. Their king, Xipelantec, also acts as the head priest of their bloody and convoluted religion. The Ixtlan army, Eagle Warriors and Jaguar Knights at the forefront, have successfully resisted the technologically superior Iberian forces in their attempts at conquest in The New World. As a result, the heart of the continent is still a mystery to the Europan interlopers, and Western settlement is mostly confined to the mainland coast and the Pearl String Islands.

Their capital, Hapatochlitan was briefly besieged by the army of Fernando Quadrillo some ninety years ago, but a great rainstorm washed away the Iberian encampments, and the attackers were easily slaughtered in their confusion. Some blame the Iberian defeat on bad luck, but the cautious and superstitious know better.

Similar to our Aztec empire.

Ixtlan Empire

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