Grimhand crestGrimhand crest

The bold explorers who first planted the flag of Albion in the verdant soil of Virgoa soon found that these untamed lands had a previous claimant. The Holvar have long been famed as great sailors and navigators, but none suspected that they had roved this far.

Situated on the Eastern coast, some fifteen hundred miles north of Dareton, Leiferland is loose collection of farmholds and walled forts, ruled by the warrior king Eric Grimhand, whose court is situated at Gerivik. Although Grimhand seems to not acknowledge any peer, much less any superior, there are rumours of more Holvar settlements to the north.

Judging from their dress and weapons, the inhabitants of Leiferland settled there some five or six hundred years ago. In that time, all of Europa dreaded the sight of a Holvar longship – the northmen were notorious pirates and raiders, renowned for their savagery. This reputation seems to be well deserved, for although they engage in some limited trade with the natives of the area, Grimhand’s men are widely feared as brigands and thieves.

Initially, relations between Dareton and Leiferland were cordial, and it was hoped that the northmen would make useful allies and trading partners. All that changed, however, when a Johannite delegation journeyed to Gerivik and realized exactly how barbaric their new neighbours actually were. For although the Europan Holvar are devout Johannites, their cousins in the The New World still cleave to the pagan ways of old, honouring their gods with blood sacrifice.

Since then, Grimhand has viewed Virgoa as fair pickings, and Dareton and her neighbours have learned to fear the fury of the Northmen.


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