Capital city of Hata.

One of the more defensible ports in the Pearl String Islands. The city lies in the center of the great bay on the west coast of the island. The bay itself is flanked by two stone forts on either side, each bristling with cannon. The island in the bay is crowned with a watchtower. Any invading fleet would be spotted long before they came into gun range, and then have to contend with the considerable firepower of the defensive forts before they even got close to the township proper.

The city itself is laid out like an amphitheater, with commercial concerns crowded around the water, stretching back up and up to the residential areas on the cleared hills above the port. The most poverty-stricken neighbourhoods smack right up against the uncleared jungle, and occasionally the children of the poor vanish into the night, taken by great cats or perhaps remnant natives, or worse.

Residents of Note:

General Sir Jean Barre, the Governor.

Colonel Guillaume de Montforte, The chief of the military.


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