Capital of Montaigne. Known far and wide as La Ville Lumiere, and regarded as one of the most cultured cities in Europa, not to mention the largest.

The original walled city was built on the Isle De Montaigne on the Sequana River but the bustling capital now sprawls on either side of the river. The wealthy and fashionable Left Bank is one of the most desirable addresses in the world, and the habits and affectations of the courtiers who dwell here dictate fashions in every Europan court. The squalid Right Bank however, is a den of iniquity, a slum peopled with cutthroats and scoundrels from every corner of the world.

Notable locations include the famous Notre Duc cathedral, the Basse-Fosse prison, and Brus’ Pallais de Verlet – which actually lies outside the city proper. And how could we forget Les Carrieres de Sainte-Genevieve – the network of tunnels and underground chambers below the grand old city itself.


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