The Gambia

The Gambia is the region around the Gambia River in Ifriqia – a direct reference to historical Gambia, and a tributary to the Kurufa Empire to the East.

During the 1400’s the Pertuesans reached the area by sea and began to dominate trade. However, in 1536, the Perteusan claimant to the throne sold exclusive trade rights on the Gambia River to Albion merchants, enraging the Montaignions.

This soon escalated to a merchant war, the Albion and Montaignions battling for political and commercial supremacy in the region. Eventually the Montaigne won over, their willingness to sink treasury into this relatively unknown venture beating out the cautious Albions.

The heavy investment in this area paid off as trade boomed, and the grand port Banjul of Western Ifriqia has become a major point of interest in the history of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and a seething pit of intrigue amongst the bazaars and flesh markets. It is not known how many slaves have been taken by inter-tribal wars or Arab traders so far in the transatlantic slave trade but most of them are taken and sold by other Ifriqians to Europans; some are prisoners of intertribal wars; some are sold because of unpaid debts; while others are kidnapped.

The Gambia

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