The Saga of Grugnir Red-Throat


Long ago our people came to this land
Took passage on the whale-road to this land
Set iron blade to the Skraylings in this land
And carved out a home at Gerivik

Thorvald Far-Eyes brought our people here
Thorvald Strong-Arm ruled our people here
The hunting was rich for our people here
And the seas and the forests were bounteous

But the Skraylings did not honour our gods
With their foul chatter, they offended our gods
With their spilt blood they sated our gods
And so we set our spears against them

And the Skraylings set their mask against us
Bejeweled and glittering, they set their mask against us
Ancient and powerful, they set their mask against us
And the widows outnumbered the wives

But Thorvald’s will would not be bent
And Thorvald’s head would not be bowed
And Thorvald’s blade would not be sated
And the Skraylings were sent to their graves

Merry was the feasting as the land grew cold
And heavy was the drinking as the wind blew cold
And joyous was the wenching as the year grew old
As we drank to the vanquishing of foe-men

But Thorvald’s brother grew jealous
Grugnir the Red grew jealous
His heart grew heavy and jealous
And he snatched up the glittering prize

Into the wilds fled Grugnir
Into the snows fled Grugnir
Into the storms fled Grugnir
And the warriors of Thorvald gave chase

But the wings of the storm-crows were beating
And the breath of the ice-worm was blowing
And the tears of Winter were falling
And Grugnir was lost to the North

And so Thorvald waited, his anger growing
And Thorvald fretted, his worry showing
And Thorvald went forth, his banners flowing
When the Spring thaw took hold of the land

But Grugnir’s greed had gripped him
And of his form it stripped him
Gave teeth and claws for ripping
No man he now, but a wyrm!

No steel could pierce his scaled hide
Nor arrow find any purchase high
When the wing’d beast took to the lowering sky
And Thorvald’s men were scattered

Now unto the beat we give tribute
And to the wyrm we give captured foes
For what some men call Grugnir’s hunger
Others call King Thorvald’s Woe

Addiotnal Verses (circa 160?)

O’er icy seas from a distant land
Came a wild and fierce and bloody band
With steel and fire gripped in their hand
To spell the doom of Grugnir

And on a lonely blackened shore
With sword ’n thunder brought to the fore
The wyrm cried out a deathly roar
Before his head was parted

Upon our hall with eyes a dim
The Dragon’s skull doth deathly grin
For Grugnir knows that tales grow grim
When blood price is not sated

Beneath the birds of blackened wing
Beneath the tree where dead men swing
Lies still, the once undying king
Thorvald, Wise no longer

Now but five where once were more
Thieves head back to far-flung shore
Richer now in blood soaked lore
The crystal skull is grinning

The Saga of Grugnir Red-Throat

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