The Search For Inspirado

Aquirre, The Wrath of God is well worth checking out. And here’s the trailer.

Likewise, Apocalypto is excellent. Trailer is here.

For 17th century blood and thunder, there’s Solomon Kane. Trailer is here.

The Emerald Forest is a good look at rain forest indian life. Trailer is here.

And The Mission is required viewing. Trailer can be viewed here.

Shakespeare in Love is worth a look, particularly for costuming and language. Trailer is here.

Elizabeth is fantastic. The trailer is here. The sequel is less successful but you do get to see Cate Blanchett in plate armour.

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot is brilliant, but I’m having trouble finding a copy. If you can track it down, it’s well worth the effort. As you can see here, the cast is excellent.

Alatriste is highly recommended for swordsmen and mercenaries. Here’s the remarkably long trailer.

Queen Margot will give you a rough idea of what the French Wars of Religion were like, which parallels what’s going on in Montaigne at the moment. It’s also a beautiful film, as the trailer can attest.

It’s set about a hundred and fifty years later than where we are, but Brotherhood of the Wolf is spot on, tonally. Here’s the trailer

Flesh and Blood goes too far in the other direction, being set about a century before our period of play, but this story of Renaissance mercenaries has everything going for it, including Rutger.

We would really be remiss if we didn’t mention the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Having said that, although it’s nice to think of our games looking like this, I kind of feel that this is more accurate.

For a more accurate – albeit, like the Pirates films, chronologically inappropriate – look at life at sea, Master & Commander is indispensable. Also, having been filmed by Peter Weir, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Ridley Scott’s !492: Conquest of Paradise is Visually stunning. The competing project, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery is less successful.

The Search For Inspirado

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