From the lagoons and mangroves on it’s margins where the slopes thrust up from the sea, to the snow capped peaks this island in the The Arawak Sea is characterised by clear pale blue seas bottomed by white sand, soft balmy breezes, a great profusion of colourful bird and fruits, gullies full of thorn trees, merciless sunshine and terrific hurricanes. It is the most important possession of Albion in the Arawak Sea, possessing a vital strategic role for the interests of state in the region. A steady traffic of younger sons and speculators, eager to contract one of the many exotic fevers that abound here arrive in Queenstown before dispersing to the interior. Principal exports: Sugar, tobacco, indigo and letters bearing bad news. Principal imports: Europan manufactured goods, optimistic but misguided arrivistes and labour, who are less optimistic about the prospect, but have less choice.

Analogous to Jamaica.

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The New World crowtribe