The New World

Session 17

Op. Ed. for Session 17“Or close up the wall with our English dead…”Thursday 14th October 2010 – by Frithhill

Elapsed time – 126 days real time, 118 days game time (7th November 1602 ?)

Location – Tortage, aboard the ship, Crimson Dawn

Followed by three more naked, painted, terrible visions, the Ixtlan warrior, jaguar skin headresses their sole adornment, macuitls their only tool waded into the press on the stern-castle hemmed in by captain and sailors grimly preparing themselves for a cramped fracas. Hacking cutlass blows and even pistol balls failed to make an impression on the boarders bare flesh, so the fight turned into a clutching, staggering, shoving affair. One sailor distinguished himself in the eyes of all by seizing a savage, bearing him to the deck, and keeping hold of him, despite his wounds.

At last, with the forlorn hope wrestled down or pushed overboard, guns were plied against the other approaching boats. A pall of smoke could be seen ahead, where Tortage lay. The crew were set to moving the portside guns up to the starboard rail of the maindeck and the Crimson Dawn advanced under full sail. The cannon were given double charge, and double shot, and hoving in to the harbour, made straight for the Moskva’s Pride, let loose one great broadside, all guns, from 6 pounders to muskets firing in quick succession.

The pirate ship managed only a fitful volley, the crew aboard, augmented by native allies could do little, watching helplessly, as the new arrival bore down. The Dawn turned away from the moored ship, leaving it with smashed sides, wrecked decks, strewn with men and parts of men, fire taking hold and none to douse it.

Sailing out of the harbour again with rent sails, the Crimson Dawn turned westward towards Hata and a more defensible port.


Vive la Baptiste!

Session 17

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