The New World

Session 54

Session 54Wednesday 11th January 2012 – By Frithhill and Crowtribe

Elapsed time – 571 days real time, 407 days game time (18th September 1603 ?)

Location – The palace of a Montaignaise Cardinal who doesn’t like us very much.

(In this session, the principle that intoxication does not necessarily enhance the game was amply demonstrated. The picaroons reaped the dubious reward for rescuing a Princess, and the King, her father recognized that a willingness to point themselves away from his face is the ideal disposition for a band of near-brigands, brought into his presence. Meanwhile the group began employing counter-surveilllance measures, since all of them are being tailed, whenever they leave a house in which they are under constant surveillance. This is in aid of the expedient of securing the opportunity to obtain entré into the Library of the Invisible College in Sainte-Gènèvieve unobserved for Melchior Browne.)

In simpler terms: the vagabonds were appropriately rewarded by order of King Brus for their efforts in the rescue (if it can be so called) of his daughter the Princess. Guy des chiens, Vittorio Tornatore and one Johan Johannson (an alias of Thomas Rede’s) were made chevaliers, while Melchior Browne, not wanting to bring attention to himself, chose for other, less material rewards.

Further to his plans, Melchior, some days before the King’s audience, did lead the Cardinal’s appointed tail a merry chase through St. Genevieve’s numerous great stores of knowledge. Guy and Vittorio watched the watchmen (followed the tail) as Pierre investigated a suspected site of Invisible College influence, in the guise of a tour of the East Bank for Vittorio’s benefit.

Next: the troop puts it’s plan in motion to uncover more of the Invisible College’s information on the next section of the Crystal Skull, and “lose” the unwanted attentions of the Cardinal.


Ed, if this is a comment on my drinking at the game, I find it a bit offensive.

Session 54

Oh, simmer down.

Session 54

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