The New World

Session 57

Session 57“And then the CHUDs came …”Tuesday 7th February 2012 – by Frithhill and Modus

Elapsed time – 597 days real time, 409 days game-time (20th September 1603 ?)

Location – Two flights down in the cellars below the ruin of house of a prominent alchemist, in Sainte-Gènèvieve.

Goal – To find the books which used to be in a library used by The Invisible College. It is presumed that information about the mandible (jaw-bone) of the Crystal Skull might be found there.

“This catacomb is truly a place of Bedlam, lacking both rhyme and reason. Each assault is as much on our senses as it is on our corporeal forms. What is the next absurdity? Some sort of aardvark with a windmill for a nose ?!?” Melchior Augustus Browne

Though repelled, the first determined assault by the rat-things followed the incapacitation of Guy des Chiens. A series of traps have weakened the picaroons.

Melchior Browne, the sole character with any skill with physick, is in need of medical aid himself. And Guy des Chiens, the only one who knows anything about traps has been felled by a falling block trap. He has also been dragged away somewhere. It is a highly permeable environment in which it impossible to interdict the approaches or control the oppositions mobility.

Vittorio Tornatore is hurt and so is Pierre Le Schtroumpf. Pierre has been on fire. Only Thomas Rede remains obdurate as a granite monolith, at this point. I (Frithhill) could feel the block-dropper coming. It would have levelled either of the heavies and came down on Crowtribes head. I am inclined to expect an acid sprayer or splasher next.

It is a good thing that there are doors we will probably want to steal on the way out. They will serve as stretchers to carry out the non-walking wounded, if there are enough people left to carry both ends. Success is looking improbable, but another of the three desirable doors might be useful to haul away whatever books are found.


Please don’t say the R-M word. I’m allergic. The fluke structure is on the tail, rather than on the nose. There are long antennae on the head.

Session 57

I have no fucking idea what you guys are talking about.

Session 57

I’m just as lost as you, ’slinger.

Session 57

Referencing the iconic (or apparently not) Rust Monster. It has had various incarnations and placement of propellers.

Session 57

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