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Session 0 – Thursday 3rd June 2010 – by Frithhill

Character creation.

Present were GunslingerElite, crowtribe, LiamDunwichHorror, mikkael, Bleys, blindwitness, Bethbot and Frithhill. The resultant characters were N’batu, Vittorio Tornatore, Marcus Mordecai (superceded after 4th August 2010 by a new character, Anais), Captain Morgan de Bruit, Doctor Vincent Walker, Lady Nightshade/Miss Nightshade, and Thomas More Rede. The roles fulfilled by these characters were :-

Front Row Combat – N’batu (also a mobility character, able to operate watercraft, linguistics), replaced by Brem O’Gellwyn on 23rd September 2010. Brem fulfills similar roles (combat, mobility, linguistics).

Front Row Combat – Vittorio Tornatore (also a mobility character, able to ride horses),

Front Row Combat – Thomas Rede (also a mobility character, able to operate vehicles drawn by animals),

Healing Battery – Doctor Vincent Walker,

Transport – Captain Morgan de Bruit (with additional roles in mobility, logistics, contacts linguistics and support),

Fixing – Marcus Mordecai. The character which replaced him has a more limited role, logistics rather than logistics, contacts and linguistics. Anais has a subterfuge role too),

Social and Subterfuge – Lady Nightshade/Miss Nightshade (also has roles in logistics and linguistics).



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