Mister Smith

Possibly from Albion. Almost certainly not a timber merchant.


Based on a conversation he had with Melchior Augustus Browne, certain ideas about the background and loyalties of the elusive Mr Smith can be postulated. To whit:

  • He has quite the facility for disguise and deception.
  • He maintains – or maintained t least one alternative identity, the Montaignian criminal known as The Sparrow. Whether he has others is unknown, but is likely.

According to Smith, Cardinal Rou-Demere contracted The Sparrow to undertake the abduction – and, it is implied, murder – of Princess Magritte in order to stir up anti- Johannite sentiment. Smith, being The Sparrow, saw this as an opportunity to spirit the girl away to Albion, in order to use her as a bargaining chip to press Montaigne into giving aid in the currently-brewing Albion Civil War. From this we can infer that Smith is working against King Hamish, as long as we take it as read that he’s telling the truth, which may not be wise.

Unfortunately for Smith’s carefully laid plans, the actions of our heroes have rendered them void, and Smith himself has promised to aid our ragtag bunch in returning the Princess to her father, Brus XIV.

Mister Smith

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