Tir Nan Og

Large island off the West coast of Albion and equivalent to Ireland.

Ruled by the ancient and beautiful Queen Mab, whose bloodline has ties to the mysterious and capricious Fae. Her court sits at the ancient city of Baile Átha Cliath, more commonly known as Dubh Linn.

Natives of the Tir refer to themselves as the Tuatha. Outsiders call them Tuathan, but that is a vulgarisation.

It is said that time runs differently in Tir Nan Og, or that all times are one. At any rate, travellers to this strange realm are known to return much changed, or not at all.

King Hamish I invaded the Tir in 1600, and though he has taken the major Northern city of Belfir, his attempts to penetrate any further have been fruitless. His troops are harried by the Tuatha and their Fae friends, and the shifting nature of the land makes conventional warfare impossible.

Tuatha pirates, operating off the West coast of the island, often harry shipping to The New World, although Albion controls the Strait of Tears between the two countries proper.

Places of interest.

Tir Nan Og

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