A small island off the north-west coast of Hata.

Formerly an Iberian holding in the Pearl String Islands, Tortage is now a free port under the dominion of the nominal governor, Hernando Rodriguez, who took control after a particularly bloody coup some seven years ago.

Now, with the support of The Red Brotherhood, essentially the Pirate capital of The New World, Tortage has survived by making itself essential to the colonies’ economy. With the major powers of Europa so far away, and supply ships rare, the colonies have come to rely on smuggling to get essential goods. Tortage has made itself the centre of smuggling by charging no excise on any goods that pass through its harbour.

However, the large docking fees charged by the harbour master of Tortage – generally one hundred Iberian Doblons per day – mean that the place is also the centre for piracy in the area, given that only very successful smugglers or out-and-out buccaneers can afford to stay in port for too long.

The Governor keeps what passes for the peace with the aid of a large irregular mercenary force. He also makes use of privateers, such as Iron Hand Sheela Na Gig.

The name Tortage is taken from Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories. It is, of course, roughly equivalent with the historical Tortuga.

Places of interest:

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